The Devils Work

A cashew cream that’ll make your knees weak served with F. Whitlock & Sons caramelised onion relish. The worlds most perfect grey drizzly afternoon snack.

In other news I’ve sold my soul to the devil for Woolworths specialty crackers – these are Apricot & Macadamia. Honestly if it came down to a choice between these and loo paper…..well let’s just say I know where my loyalties lie. To my palette not my ass that’s for sure.

It’s a gift I don’t take for granted, the ability to understand flavour and ingredients. To know how to get the best from a recipe but tweak it to possibly improve and make it your own.

I used the @hotforfood vegan cheeseball recipe as a base. Prolly more of a recipe? And it’s the shit people. The shizit even.

I soaked a bag (about two cups) of natural cashews for five hours before I couldn’t wait anymore. Chucked them in a blender with Christ I don’t know maybe 2tbs nutritional yeast, 2 garlic cloves, 1tsp onion powder, 1tsp lemon zest, juice of a lemon, 1tsp miso paste, 1tsp dried dill, 2tbs coconut yogurt salt & white pepper. I deviated here and threw in a bunch of pickled jalapeño peppers I had in the fridge and I think it made all the difference in the world.

Blended to a thick creamy mess I wanted to throw at my face. Added a little water as I went to help things along.

I was intending to wrap in muslin, leave on the bench and allow the yogurt to ripen the “cheese” but honestly it was too good to bother. Definitely the best cashew spread I’ve ever made if not on earth. I’d give high marks.
The relish elevates the cheese to comfort ploughmans in a pub heights of fame, the apricot in the biscuit takes it off the charts. It’s about as blissful a mouthful as you could ever get vegan or no.

Stupendously stoked with these efforts. And stupid easy anybody could do this.

The best I’ve ever had

If a dish was sex this would be my idea of of a three hour shag after a night out on French Champagne while the kids were out of town. I can’t get it in my mouth fast enough. Although for health reasons I did force myself to remove one ball. But it was hard…so hard #seewhatididthere but then I caved and ate it anyway cause you only live once so far as we know. Seriously who is stupid enough to waste fresh cooked falafel?

And whoever Fattoush was or is, I’m with her. Because salad with bread is my kind of salad.
Dressed with @magpiesnestwagga olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and a squidge of aged balsamic.

Falafels were made with a tin of drained (obvs) chickpeas, onion, parsley, lemon juice, two cloves of garlic, two tbs gluten free flour and enough chickpea flour to pull it all together in the food processor so it wasn’t too moist. #whodoesntlovethatword

I licked that plate clean like it was a child free weekend.

Warm and Cosy Muffin Goodness

    Baby is having an unusually long nap today, it’s cold outside and we’re super cosy inside thanks to a friend picking up the King from school. As a thank you I thought a few Orange and Cranberry muffins would do the trick.

    I have a shit ton of organic oranges and eggs from mum and dad who can be relied on delivering me a fresh supply fortnightly. You can’t pay for that goodness! The fruit basically drips orange juice when you pick them up they are so lush.

    The recipe is as all muffin recipes should be, super simple and zero fuss. Twenty minutes max from craving to eating.

    For this recipe I used a mix of healthy ingredients and cheeky goodies. All it’s about balance at my place.

    In a food processor mix:

    Two whole oranges chopped into quarters and again.
    One cup orange juice
    125g butter (you could use oil)
    Two eggs

    Pulse the lot until smooth.

    Into a large bowl mix

    Two cups wholemeal self raising flour
    One cup regular self raising flour
    One cup brown sugar

    Make a well and pour in the wet ingredients. I also added a cup of dried cranberries here.

    Divide amongst greased muffin or cupcake pans. I baked cupcake size for fifteen minutes and muffin size for nineteen. Both on 180 degrees C.


    Served hot with a big of butter non negotiable.


A f&$k ton of goodness

I worked that little bit harder in the gym today knowing I was coming home to this for lunch. Last nights leftovers of cauli rice.

I’ve gotten it down to a fine art, if you follow the steps exactly you’ll have a dish that everybody inhales. Adults, kids, babies.
Step one: pulse the cauliflower into “rice” in batches through the food processor. I always make this dish the night before cleaning day as it makes a shit ton of mess.

Step two: dry fry in a large pan over medium to high heat. You don’t need any oil you want to dry out the cauli. I add small dice carrots and capsicum you could use any vegetable, wombok is fantastic.

Step three: In a separate pan I fry sliced garlic and 500 grams of pork I mince myself. Once this is brown I drain any liquid and add to the cauli mix. This recipe is delicious without the meat I usually do it vegetarian for myself and leave the meat version for the kids/carnivores.

Step four: add a generous splash of both Kechap manis and dark soy. Sprinkle a half teaspoon of five spice powder and a dash of sesame oil. Fry it all until there isn’t a lot of liquid left and it’s all come together nicely. Throw in a f&$k load of chopped spring onions and briefly fry – about a minute.

Step five: I like to serve this with a side salad of diced red onion, cucumber and tomato – hulled and seeds removed it’s much prettier that way don’t you think? Throw over chopped coriander and chilli.

I promise that you will never bother with rice or even takeaway after eating this dish. And it’s perfect as leftovers.


An open letter to The Prime Minister

Dear Mr Turnbull

It seems you are in a bit of a pickle.

The reason you are in this jam is because eight months ago you turned your back on the ethics and morals that myself and many other Australians admired you for and instead listened to the ultra right wing conservatives in your party. Which you shouldn’t have done.

As a result, on Saturday I and those who previously cheered you into power six months ago turned our backs and resoundingly voted against you. Because you didn’t listen to us, your people.

As a mum of three, middle class Sydney-sider I should’ve voted for the Liberal Party. But as a Capitalist Idealist, who believes the more my family earns the more we can give away to those who need it, you lost my faith. You lost it the day you and your team stood up and told me you were delaying Same Sex Marriage and that there was nothing wrong with the way refugees were being treated in offshore detention. Not only was there nothing wrong, anybody who said otherwise would be denied the power of free speech and jailed for speaking out against the treatment of refugees. You lost me bigtime there sunshine. And by the looks of things you lost a great many other people as well.

Now while all may look doom and gloom in your camp and you’re busy worrying about how much longer you can hold onto the power that you obviously deem to be more important than the basic human right of same sex couples to get married, I offer you a glimmer of hope in these dark, uncertain days.

Because last Saturday the Australian people resoundingly voted not with their heads but with their hearts. They told you what they want. I’m a big believer in always seeing the sunshine after the rain and I tell you that you can fix this. You can make a choice.

You can continue to listen to the right wing of your party who are out of touch not only with what Australian voters want but also the world at large. Surely I don’t need to tell you how backwards the rest of the world sees us now that our government has yet again turned their backs on so many of our brothers and sisters who ask you respectfully to give them the one thing that makes them equal to their countrymen. Well over the majority of your country wants the same thing. Give us Same Sex Marriage. Now. Today. Unite us.

Or you can listen to the voters. Who came out on a cold, winters day in June and told you to make the right choice always from now on. To please for the sake of your country’s future choose humanity over personal gain. You can stand up and tell us you promise to do a better job.

Quite frankly Malcolm I’m mad I didn’t write to you in the beginning because I knew this would happen! I called it six months ago and now it’s a shambles. A bloody mess. For Gods sake Pauline Hanson has a seat!

Why you couldn’t use your brains and stick to your guns I say to myself every day. Be the politician that turned up to every Mardi Gra, when no other Lib would. A figurehead, a force for change. We didn’t want a smarmy smug politician who knows how to turn it on for the cameras and string a decent sentence together. We wanted an Obama. Outspoken and forthright.

Finally, Mr Turnbull I beg you. For my three kids. Please tonight listen to your National Anthem. The one that we all learned by heart in school. The anthem that I still tear up listening to at my children’s assembly. What sort of a country are we building for them if we lock up innocent families indefinitely and deafen our ears to stories of their abuse.

The country has changed and so have the needs of the voters. There is no longer a great divide between the left and the right. The majority sit firmly in the middle and seek a leader who reflects them. Their head that goes to work and struggles everyday to give their family a better future than they had. And their heart. Their amazing heart. The heart that guides the pen to sign the papers and send more money than they can afford to kids overseas they’ve never met. To go along to demonstrations and beg for babies to be kept free and safe along with their parents, not sent to detention to learn to hate us.

I’m sorry you’re disheartened and I reckon it’s a pretty lonely place you are in right now. Now you can wallow in that or you can get back up and you can fight for us. You have a privilege I would give anything for. You still lead Australia. And you can make it better.


Melanie Moss


Raising a child like Ari comes with its own set of duties. Every conversation is a study of existential responsibilities. I’ve known, always she is a special child and my greatest job is to deliver her to adulthood her gifts from the Universe intact and untainted. No pressure right.

Sometimes I wish we could have a conversation without it needing to be a lesson in how the world works and how it can be made better. She’s a serious child and my job of being her mother, deadly serious. I feel deep in my bones the future of the world or even just one individual who’s life she will change is at stake.

Recently my sweet kid changed schools. Being a uniquely soulful being she is still sad, so broken to have left her beautiful Nicho behind.

It’s hard explaining to her why I had to make the decision to take her away from her two very best friends who will be in her life forever that I know.
Two boys who share her creative mind and who’s games haven’t been the same since she’s been gone.

This is an extract of our conversation.

Ever since you we were born, before even, I knew you had a gift. Somehow you would change the world. The more I get to know you the surer I am. You will lead, you will invent or you will write something so amazing it will imprint on history forever. Of all my three children this is your path.

As your mother it is my job to give you every opportunity to make sure that happens. Your time at Nicho was to enfold you in its shield of love, nurturing and to create a big fish within a small environment.

It’s gift to you will remain within your heart forever but you had stopped growing. It was time to move on.

Now you are at a much larger school, a centre of excellence in academic achievement and I need you to give it a chance. Allow it to find its way into your soul.

You will always remember Miss Miller, and what she taught you. To try everything, never settle on a career until you are completely fulfilled, to be kind and loving always.

When you are twenty eight or thirty eight I will remind you of this conversation and again beg your forgiveness for breaking your tiny (huge) heart but I will ask you if I made the right choice for you my love. A girl that is so far already along her path that it makes me question my entire life led so far.

There’s so much hope riding on your little shoulders dear heart, my job is to help you bear it. Sometimes that hurts me more than you can ever imagine. I ask you to place your trust in me. I don’t ask it lightly and I feel the heavy weight of responsibility. Let me help you fly.



Meaty thoughts

As I marinated my lamb this morning I wondered, indeed why do I still eat meat at all?

I’ve struggled a lot, over many years to justify it to myself and vegetarian friends. Today it became clear why for now, its the right thing, for me.

Quite regularly our family go vegan. I love the flavour, the brightness and the complexity needed to create a great vegetarian dish. Its certainly not lazy cooking. I can’t even say I do it for my body as the goodness of it has quite the same effect on my general well being as good quality steak which can do wonders. More its about the variety and possibilities in food.

I take pleasure in the consumption of meat & animal products and I am thankful for their ability to nourish my body and soul. However, I also know that every choice we make is a responsibility to those affected by it. There is a consequence. By eating meat an animal has to die. But we all die. It is not the death of the animal I take offense to, its the life they are forced to endure.

Animals in the wild hunt and eat each other in a perfect circle of nourishment. There is no judgement there. Until the moment of their capture and resulting kill the victim is a free creature. Happy to run, play, love. Humans have strayed so far from the hunter/gatherer path we have (mostly) lost the ability. From our fear of famine or even going without a single meal we hoard animals in numbers so great they are housed in cages and killed on mass.

This is the real price to eating meat, this cruelty inflicted upon another living creature.

I grew up on a sheep station and it gave me early insight into where my food comes from and how it looks, both alive and dead. There was a mutual respect between farmer and beast. Long before the free-range fad I needed to know where my food came from. How had the creature lived.

I’ve argued until black in the face that the cost of eating a cruelly reared, caged animal is far greater than the ticket on the plastic packet it comes in.  I don’t know when it happened that humans saw themselves as worth more than their four legged and winged counterparts but it’s an unsustainable way of thinking. Our planet can no longer take the over breeding of animals for food thanks to this obsession we have with stockpiling more than we can actually consume.

But the issue that arises is this. Aside from farming ones own table how do we do eat well and ethically in an urban setting? I believe the answer lies in re-honing the lost art of foraging for our food. Not content to find our meal in one brightly light supermarket but to search out the suppliers who have hand reared their product – animal or vegetable and built their business around equality between themselves and their product. It takes time and effort but so does anything good. Anything Real.

As consumers we can take care, eat less meat and find the pleasure in other forms of dining so that when we purchase for our family it’s high quality, free farmed, happy and allowed freedom from fear.

I believe you can advocate for animals and not be vegetarian, Ricky Gervais was a huge animal rights activist before becoming vego himself only recently. Perhaps that is part of my journey and one day I’ll eschew meat. For now I allow myself to enjoy it and I try everyday to be a better consumer of its gifts.



My latest creation, a Moroccan Marinated Lamb Salad uses one small lamb blackstrap from my friends at Hunters Hill Free Range Butcher and easily fed two hungry adults. The secret is the balance of flavours to create a delicious, nourishing meal that satisfies every taste craving. The recipe is on my Instagram: ladymossloves

I’ve discovered who deliver next day to Sydney and Central Coast. Check their website, they also visit plenty of farmers markets where you can sample their product. There’s a Bulk Buys and Best Sellers pack that is a what’s for dinner no brainer. I’d freeze it and use as needed. We eat meat no more than three times a week so it’s an economic way to buy ethically and save money.

For the vegetarians, this dish is full bodied enough to enjoy sans lamb, I’d replace with roasted and spiced sweet potato and throw a few chickpeas in for good measure.

Thoughts While Juicing…

It’s funny this business of juicing, juicing to lose weight, because I’ve never felt more at home in my body.

I no longer care that my thighs have (lots of) dimples and sometimes rub together when I walk which show when I wear my favourite thing, short white denim cutoffs.

Which I didn’t allow myself to wear for so long. But they make me happy. They remind me of being carefree and dusty in Bali, of wearing them over and over until they are grubby and of constantly slipping them on and off to swim.

I’ve stopped forgetting or simply not seeing that I have lovely hair, beautiful, happy shiny eyes and lots of other really nice bits that make up a whole me.

I have put on a few kegs recently and although I’m starting somewhat of a cleanse it’s more about realigning myself with the foods my body responds to. Not to “loose the baby weight” but to feel better within my own skin. For me.

I like nice things and I really like clothes and how they sit on a body well as if they were made for that person no matter the size. I have a tightly edited wardrobe that has a little give but is getting to the point where I’m choosing certain pieces over others. Which means a little restraint is in order.

Which is actually necessary for my body to function at its best. I feel tired and sluggish which says to me immediately more green juice, less wine. I’m craving sugary carbohydrates because let’s face it I have two kids and a baby – I’m tired. But my body needs me to help myself, to pump up the protein and good carbs – a chicken and avo toasted sandwich is in order.

I’ve finally learned to listen. It’s taken thirty five years but it’s happened and it’s a revelation. I no longer care what other women think of me because I realise it’s a lifelong image projection coming to them through the glass of a television, the pages of a magazine and now social media particularly Instagram.

And as for men, those dear sweet boys, they truly are from a different planet because they just don’t see us the way we see ourselves. They look for in a mate someone they can swim in the ocean with, climb mountains with, be ALIVE with. They choose strength – mental strength, a mind that’s free of this weighty burden we develop through years of unhealthy indoctrination. When a dude tells you he’s attracted to confidence believe him, because he’s telling the truth, it’s media that’s lying to you.

And it’s time to tune out.

In our own home we turned our TV off many years ago and watch the odd series or movie commercial free. The kids are allowed to watch something once in a while, something they really want, usually a movie as a family is their choice. I see a completely different attitude in our girl to the way I was at her age. I know it will last her entire life and I’ve given her a true gift.

Looks have zero currency for Ari. She is aware she’s a beautiful child but it means nothing, less than nothing, in fact she’s appalled that someone might only like her for how she looks. It has connotations of an evil Disney villain and to anyone who suggests she has Princess Hair watch out! She looks at me with disdain when I present her with a new outfit and asks why she didn’t get Lego like her brother.

I’ve since learned my lesson there too. She knows it gives me pleasure to dress her so she tolerates it but there’s a strict limit to her congeniality. It must be comfy and utilitarian. Shorts and a tshirt are best. I add sparkles when I can.

She eats when she’s hungry, eats what she likes and what makes her feel good. She has never overeaten and felt sick from it, doesn’t fantasise about fast food or “just a little treat”.

What has taken me a life to learn she already knows. Society can not tell her what is best for her, because she understands it’s already within her power to be good to herself, to Love herself. For the things that matter – her heart not her thigh gap, her charity not her possessions and her ability to create, not watch it play out in front of her on the telly.

I used to read my favourite Roald Dahl quote “if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” and think that’s wonderful, how nice, as if I was going to be like that one day. Someday. Probably never.

Now I believe in it. Just LIVE by it. And as with everything, once you believe it simply happens.

My daughter is my greatest teacher. And I am beautiful because of her. And for the very first time in my life I don’t need to be told so, I know so.



Consuming. Lunch and stuff.


This is my Thai Cauliflower Rice. It’s an absolute bitch to make which means I retreat inside my head and think for awhile….here is what I thought about while I was pulsing vege.


Being someone who really REALLY likes nice things, my ongoing journey to enlightenment is the struggle between how much I have vs how much I want.

Living in Sydney comes with its own set of challenges, everything is so shiny here, the sun’s always out and it can be hard to quantify how many in the world have far less than they need just to survive.

I’m constantly challenging myself, fighting to control the magpie side of my personality instantly attracted to pretty happy things, the part that stamps her feet and shouts I want it Daddy I WANT it now!

I don’t believe it’s wrong to work to surround ourselves with beautiful objects but we must remember that beauty is found in so many things we can’t buy. And to love something because it stirs our soul not because a girl we follow on Instagram has one.

We can’t strive to make the world a beautiful place if we can’t appreciate beauty itself, but one must remember, there is a price to all things. A consequence to filling our rooms with stuff just because we are empty vessels.

And I’m not perfect, nowhere near. I get sucked in by a $15 star light just as much as the next person. But I remember the real cost to it. The the environment, to the people making it and I treasure it just as much as my expensive paintings and see it for its real value, how much does it make me happy this pretty little object. Because one day it’ll be landfill and I have to shoulder that responsibility so I’d better make use of it, be sure and love it hard, not throw it away when I get bored.

So I try everyday to find satisfaction in the simple things just as much as the grand scale. I buy once, buy well and take care of everything that enters my home. I teach my children the responsibility of consuming and how to find joy in our family as a whole without the trappings of constantly buying things. Mostly I try to remember that even the very rich don’t have what I do. The precious happiness I carry in my heart, the luck I had to be paired with my husband and children and the gift of finding the fun in the simplest activities.

Going without can be a great teacher. If we look at it as a gift. I would never have learnt to appreciate what I have if I hadn’t done it tough for many years. I have freedom of choice, over what I eat, what I wear, the places I visit and that is wealth. Such wealth compared to so many. And I realise I’m rich beyond my imaginings. Right now I have two dozen eggs in my fridge, extra milk, meat, wine, my hot lunch! And that is far more than too many people in the world right now have to feed themselves with. Such wealth.

There are choices I’ve made for me, for my family. If I worked we could have lots more stuff, a house, another shiny new car. But I wouldn’t have time. The time I’ve had home with my kids that I decided was what I wanted. I’m lucky, I didn’t need to work for us to live, to eat or pay for shelter, it was only for things we wanted and we wanted this more. This free time.

It is hard, constant work for someone like me but it’s worth it. The reward is the feeling that comes with being always grateful, satisfied and slowly realising I already have everything I need.

The recipe is one I’ve adapted from JS Health guru Jessica Sepel. I love her philosophy to food and she definitely changed my life and the way I eat. Check her out.

Just Best Friends

My earliest school memory belongs with my friend Beshira a little Muslim girl. She used to sit in the library during scripture and after we became friends I started joining her. Religion never did anything for me and I didn’t like the idea of her being lonely so I told my teacher I wasn’t allowed to do scripture either.

Other than this I never knew there was anything different about us. We were best friends and she was the sweetest of girls. Never got caught up in bullying or the rubbish that little girls get up to of hurting each other and being unkind.

She may have eaten different food or disappeared for prayer time but I was never aware of it. We were just kids.

I can’t count how many times in my life I’ve had somebody try to indoctrinate me in the teachings of Jesus and yet never once has anybody approached me to pull me into the Muslim faith. I understand that religious orders fear for my soul and that their job is to convert, I’m ok with that I just politely say no thanks.

As an ethics teacher at Ari’s school I see Christian lobby groups try push us out of schools day after day for interfering with their attempt to educate our younglings. This I’m not ok with but I use the brain I was given.

And I realise that you know what, just as our country is never going to be 100% Christian, it’s not going to become an Islamic nation either. We cannot live in fear of something that is just not going to happen. We cannot persecute a religious faith because of a crazy few just the same as we can’t accuse all Catholics for some of the terrible things that have been done in their name.

I spent most of the evening upset by the illegible, misspelled rantings of the Reclaim Australia group who scare me far more than the people they hate. Calls for hangings, rapes and more were spewed out to anyone who disagrees with their message. I hate Facebook for bringing this toxic venom onto my page but it’s out there in my country and can’t be ignored.

As a third generation Australian, my family fled Germany during the Second World War. They were not Nazis and had as much hatred of Hitler an anyone. If we were to listen to groups like RA we would vilify them simply because they were German, couldn’t speak English and chose to socialise with their countrymen after a terrible ordeal.

I’m so tired of the fear and hatred in this country that I don’t even want to live here anymore. I’m glad that my friends are good people who believe in the rights of others not only the ones that speak English and drink beer. You guys are the ones I think about when I get upset. I hope things change and I try not to fear that they won’t because fear is what causes these messes in the first place.

Anyway thanks to my friend Beshira. Without knowing it our little friendship gave me many gifts that have hopefully made me into a person of true measure.