Meaty thoughts

As I marinated my lamb this morning I wondered, indeed why do I still eat meat at all? I’ve struggled a lot, over many years to justify it to myself and vegetarian friends. Today it became clear why for now, its the right thing, for me. Quite regularly our family go vegan. I love the […]

In a Past Life

Lady Moss used to be a stylist. Not that you’d know to look at me, I’m like the plumber with the leaky taps and prefer sweats to skinny jeans, Havianas are my shoe of choice even in winter. But, give me five minutes and I can supermarket sweep you into a brand new wardrobe. I […]

Rainy Summer Days

Its been a lovely lead into Autumn this week and the busy homemaking that goes with forced indoors play. Lady Moss has been lighting scented candles in every corner, recreating the spicy smells of Christmas with a few leftover apple, cinnamon and clovey favourites mixed with a few new purchases of Moir Honey Nector. This […]

In Honour of Those We Love The Most

Be Joyous Dear One. You still have time to make the worlds most Magical Pudding. My Nanna Ruth’s. In my house growing up, this luscious mix of fruit, sugar, brandy and tuppence was stirred by one and all, wishing as we went. Normally on a frosty country Saturday afternoon in June, the Rothheudt kids would […]

Very Busy and Important Elf Work

The days are rushing past now in a flurry of activity and pre-Christmas fun, much like the swirling snowflakes in Ari’s snow-globe and we are happily swept up in it. Busy crafting, baking, wrapping and twining, we are strangely enough, also trying new recipes that require hours of preparation and time spent communally stirring the […]

Endless Summer Salads

I’d never completely understood the utter satisfaction that comes from growing my own food until now. Although, I can’t think of a time where there hasn’t been a garden in my life, its been bred into me you could say, I never really took pleasure in growing veges. My parents have always had the grandest […]

A Dash of Cream

A couple of little projects to see you through the weekend today dear reader. We seem to be surrounded by cream these days, on the hob, around the home and in our craft projects. We were called to action last weekend, when returning home what should we find standing alone, abandoned by the side of […]

Shaping the hearts and minds of children. Well year five and six anyway.

I am approaching tomorrow with what feels like a night out on the emotional bar tab rolling around in my head, pushing out against my eyes. More than anything I’m excited, beyond excited actually to be stepping into a classroom to teach Primary Ethics to years five and six at Ari’s school. If I didn’t […]

Too busy eating icecream

I haven’t been around much this summer because, well it was summer. An all too fleeting time where so much happened that it was hard to keep track of the days and separate one from another. Most of it was spent at our new (vintage) caravan on the beach, some of it tossing fresh ingredients […]

Joie de Vivre

Lady Moss is still in holiday la mode and will be back as soon as we stop trotting up to Bacchus (207 Darling Street) every afternoon at 3pm for fresh champagne. Tra la la…..