An open letter to The Prime Minister

Dear Mr Turnbull It seems you are in a bit of a pickle. The reason you are in this jam is because eight months ago you turned your back on the ethics and morals that myself and many other Australians admired you for and instead listened to the ultra right wing conservatives in your party. […]


Raising a child like Ari comes with its own set of duties. Every conversation is a study of existential responsibilities. I’ve known, always she is a special child and my greatest job is to deliver her to adulthood her gifts from the Universe intact and untainted. No pressure right. Sometimes I wish we could have […]

Meaty thoughts

As I marinated my lamb this morning I wondered, indeed why do I still eat meat at all? I’ve struggled a lot, over many years to justify it to myself and vegetarian friends. Today it became clear why for now, its the right thing, for me. Quite regularly our family go vegan. I love the […]

Thoughts While Juicing…

It’s funny this business of juicing, juicing to lose weight, because I’ve never felt more at home in my body. I no longer care that my thighs have (lots of) dimples and sometimes rub together when I walk which show when I wear my favourite thing, short white denim cutoffs. Which I didn’t allow myself […]

Just Best Friends

My earliest school memory belongs with my friend Beshira a little Muslim girl. She used to sit in the library during scripture and after we became friends I started joining her. Religion never did anything for me and I didn’t like the idea of her being lonely so I told my teacher I wasn’t allowed […]

Not Always a Curse.

There are many thoughts that come to mind when a parent is asked to describe how they feel about their child. The list is an endless variation of love, amazement, frustration, fear and so many more. I wonder if many mothers can add Envy to that list. For that is how I feel on a […]

Endless Summer Salads

I’d never completely understood the utter satisfaction that comes from growing my own food until now. Although, I can’t think of a time where there hasn’t been a garden in my life, its been bred into me you could say, I never really took pleasure in growing veges. My parents have always had the grandest […]

Could You Be?

Walking home under the street lights I am never lonely. I am ever accompanied by all the memories, new and old of the sandstone around me. The snatches of conversation I hear as I wander past, not knowing if they are from my time or another. Tonight is extra special. One of those cottages I […]

This Is Your Song.

Mossy and I are hopeless romantics, with the emphasis definitely being on hopeless. We will take experience, location and drama over a healthy bank account anyday. Individually we are slightly off-centre, as a pair we are crackers! Looking back I cringe as I think of the time we test drove a vintage Mercedes SLK, fantasizing […]

Our Place in the Sun

For ten years now, Mossy and I have been refreshing ourselves in the calm waters of Jervis Bay. We’ve been extra lucky in that, never have we had to pay for this soothing break in our everyday routine as his parents so generously share their beach house with us, my family, their friends and anyone […]