Money for Jam

Can one really justify spending four times as much on French jam simply because it comes in the most fabulous etched jar with a faux gingham lid and hand written label? We think yes. Tastes pretty fabulous too just quietly.  

Your heart’s a mess.

I just heard the most vile, cruel comment, that even 24 hours later makes my blood boil and my toes squirm like some witch from a play. This wasn’t even a backwards compliment the “oh she has a lovely face, she’d be gorgeous if she lost some weight”. Nope it was even worse. A total […]

Making plans

Its funny how you can go from having a dollar in your old wallet with the seams fraying (damn I loved it though) to ordering your dream bag from Net-a-Porter and waiting while they get the correct shade of tan just for you. This is how the past three years have been for us in […]

Expectations are whats holding us back

I’m not quite sure when it happened, seemly overnight, that I accepted the fact my little Ari is growing up and will be off to school next year. I thought I would come to this day kicking and screaming but as we reach this new stage of her life, there are so many new experiences […]

Sacred Day. Anzac Day

This most special day has always been cherished above all others in my house. As I wake with the dawn my thoughts drift along ageless beaches, stony cliff faces and fields swept clear by the whispering voices on the wind. My heart sits heavy in my chest today and my eyes spill over. I feel […]


It was a big part of my life growing up, to celebrate the season change from searing hot summers to cool earth autumn. Living in the city for so long now, I’ve learnt to yearn for the suns return to our side of the world, which brings with it long days at the beach ending […]

Just do your best and everyone will love you

If there is one talent Lady Moss possesses and is duly proud of, its the ability to walk into any cheap MIC (made in China) clothes store and locate in a second the one hidden jewel. Our best Ladies-in-waiting have the same skill and we love to see the combination of designer and diamond in the […]

The present tense

Well the magic dragon party is all over, life has gone back to normal and it was a fabulous day. Mossy and the Littles are in bed, sleeping off the sugar fall out while I slowly tidy away the remains for another year. As I bundle the packaging into the recycling from Ari’s haul of […]

When bad tummy bugs happen to good people

Twenty four hours of hell followed by three days of recovery. Time I don’t have with Ari’s party speeding up alongside Rainbow lane.   Thank God Maxalon is over the counter, bad news is how doped up it makes me feel. Probably not even making much sense right now. Although I am enjoying an unprecedented […]

A Good Virus

If this is a war of attrition then surely the numbers are finally on our side? For longer than I have been alive Uganda has been ruled by leaders forging a path of destruction that has brought the country to its knees. Brutality and violence gone on for so long there is hardly anyone living […]