Everybody needs good…

When I was a young country lady-in-waiting, I was an avid Neighbours watcher. As are all the Royal Family so I’ve heard. Loyal only to Ramsey Street, I shunned all mention of that beachside township and its loose youth.  A bit grownup for me, I fully supported Al Stewart’s fist shaking and cries of “young […]

The circle of life

Just another of life’s cruel jokes if you ask me. Last night I had to perform a task that should never be asked of a mother. I had to hold my son down while a doctor stuck a needle into his spine. Well I didn’t have to, I was given a choice.  To stand outside and […]

I am. You are. We all are.

Today I celebrate Australia Day. I celebrate the nation we are and the nation we hold the reins to become. I celebrate a political system that allowed me to give birth to my babies safely, respectfully and cheaply, a system that gives me access to a free education and a university degree that I don’t have to pay […]


Three days ago we lost something most precious to us. We lost that which would make us complete. We lost our baby. We didn’t know we wanted her, for girl she most definitely was. We didn’t know how happy we would feel when we found out she was coming. We had no idea how she […]

Pretty Good Year

Everywhere I look, everywhere I read, it is abundantly clear that I’m not the only one who feels that this year is the year of Happy. People are more encouraged by their own creative achievements, more satisfied with the simple pleasures and more devoted to fulfilling their dreams than ever before. There are so many […]

Cover your eyes so you won’t get dizzy

Every year since Mossy and I have taken our holidays on the south coast there has been a summer carnival on the beach. Really a nice way of describing a group of carneys who could do with a visit to the dentist standing around working a bunch of rickety rides held together with string and […]

“Leave Sydney Alone!”

One thing I was not prepared for when I moved back home was the Sydney bashers. Never having been one myself, even before the ill fated tree change, I had forgotten what it was like to sit at my café and have to listen to some interstate guest or worse, a resident (shame on you!) […]

Des Palettes de Couleurs

Recently, it has become abundantly clear to Lady Moss that one cannot take credit for any decorating flair we may have. The smack to the head moment came this morning when styling our latest market find. That our ladies-in-waiting hold greater influence over our nature than was originally thought. I’ve always despaired that I don’t […]

Get to the Pointe!

Lady Moss has much to thank So You Think You Can Dance for…… Last night Mossy and I attended The Australian Ballet Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet choreographed by Graeme Murphey. My darling husband bought me the tickets as a welcome back to Sydney present when we finally moved home to the land of all […]

If you’ve ever lost your way

Let me spin you a web. A tale of the measure of a man. Our story begins over five years ago now, when our hero decided to leave the safety and security of a steady paycheck and travel the uncharted highroad alone and steadfast. He wasn’t entirely alone of course, he brought his family along on […]