Rainy Summer Days

Its been a lovely lead into Autumn this week and the busy homemaking that goes with forced indoors play. Lady Moss has been lighting scented candles in every corner, recreating the spicy smells of Christmas with a few leftover apple, cinnamon and clovey favourites mixed with a few new purchases of Moir Honey Nector. This […]

Old Meets New

I have been crafting with a renewed sense of purpose this week, an exciting project ahead, the beginnings of which are sitting underneath my sewing desk in various crates, boxes and bags. Pieces that have been left idle, sitting in the cupboard unfinished and unlooked upon in months are being re-purposed and freshened up with […]

My Favourite Holiday!

I’ve mentioned before just how much I adore Halloween and this year coming is no exception! Rainbow Lane has been gearing itself up early and are not ashamed to admit to sewing costumes in July. We intend to win the Nicholson School Halloween Fete costume competition this year oh yes we do. Although, it wasn’t […]

The Best of The Best – you are the Top Guns.

Spring cleaning my sewing / craft table in readiness for the Christmas gift making rush, I couldn’t help but notice that I have amassed a pretty impressive cupboard of supplies. Crafting away for a year or two and slowly building up bits and pieces as we go, one can start a project at night and […]

This and that

Not being the sportiest of people, I know, shocking but there it is. Lady Moss has found herself crafting more and more at night, rather than wasting time trying to find something decent to watch on the idiot box (my dads term for the telly, which has always seemed perfectly apt to me). We are […]

A little felt monster for a little human monster….

I love the idea of The Littles making gifts for each other, raiding my craft stash and letting their imaginations run wild out of love for their sibling. Over coffee this morning, Ari and I “brainstormed” and came up with several brilliant designs before settling on a snuggly monster made of felt for our favourite […]

Beaten to the punch – Felt Cloud Mobile

We were creating this little mobile for a certain wee babe who is almost ready to join the world recently to go with a surprise nine months in the making. Luckily for Lady Moss (who liked it so much) another version quite as nice was displayed proudly and so we are stuck keeping this one. […]

Oh for the love of peace and quiet!

Being someone who really enjoys their cafe time in silence, I do struggle somewhat when the Littles are in tow. The King in particular gets bored quickly while Miss Ari likes to chatter. A Lot. A solution is to lug toys and books around with us when on the go however this is generally remembered […]

In her birthday suit

I used to go to school with twin girls who on top of being willowy and gorgeous, had a mother who made amazing costumes for dances. The most memorable was a full mermaid suit inspired by Splash and a Queen of Hearts ballgown, both as easily at home on a film set as our little primary school. Although […]

For the lovers

We adore a reason to celebrate down at Rainbow Lane and Valentine’s Day is up there with the best of them. Any chance to show my family how much I adore them is one taken. A quick and easy craft completed in a lunchtime with leftover felt was the best way to embrace the day of […]