All for warmth

Lady Moss has itchy fingers today. Literally, the mosquitoes this year have been appalling. We also happen to be waiting on a huge amount of felt and crafting supplies for several projects, including the playhouse, on the Rainbow Lane sewing agenda. Until it all arrives I am left with nothing new and fresh to work […]

Oh sweet liberty

Lady Moss is feeling a little fragile today. Five cocktails at Bambini Wine Room the evening before will do that to you. We were treated to a brand new concoction of Amaretto and Limoncello. A flavor combination of almonds and lemon that shouldn’t work, but does and amazingly well we might add. A drinkable dessert. […]

Bric-a-brac and rick-rack

With Christmas on my mind, I’m hitting up the local markets in the next few weeks unearthing thoughtful and unexpected gifts. We popped up to Rozelle Markets where I never fail to come home with something that poor Mossy shakes his head at. Today I got two heavenly metres of floral printed canvas fabric destined to […]

Lunchtime Sewing with Lady Moss – Super Stylish Lunch Sacks

Its pretty quiet around here this afternoon. Ari is at kindy and The King is sleeping the lunch sleep of the 12 month old, we are at two hours and counting. Lady Moss is at the helm of the sewing machine and I’m hanging out inside my own head which doesn’t happen as often as […]

One for the Un PC

Nothing like a bit of husband vs wife. Seeing as its wrong to let loose on my husband I decided to make a set of Punch & Judy puppets for us to go at each other with at the end of a long day. I took inspiration from The Crafty Minx herself, Kelly Doust and […]


It’s amazing what can be created after a full bottle of wine with some left over fabric scraps and a sewing machine on a night when Mossy’s out. I felt guilty that Ari didn’t have a set so a few nights later I made her some too. No wine was involved. Maybe that’s why hers […]

Sewing Adventures with Lady Moss World’s Wonkiest Wigwam

BYO Martini. Dirty. As you will soon learn I’m a bit of a fan of The Crafty Minx aka Kelly Doust. In fact when I met her at a friends birthday I went a bit gaga and babbled. A lot. She made a hasty exit with a polite excuse about needing pizza. We were in […]