Here to Save the Day!

You can admit it here, to me Dear Reader, that you are stressed about Christmas. Aren’t you. Yes. Well its ok, its alright, Lady Moss is here, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. We have been inundated with rain this November, which delights me! It not only gets Lady Moss into the Christmas spirit but it […]

shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

All those winter nights Lady Moss spent holed up at the sewing table squirreling away, has finally paid off as we put the finishing touches on our Christmas gifts. Fancy a peek into the workshop? Pinking shears, cloth drawstring bags and glitter glue, these are a few of our favourite things! Preparing for the arrival […]

The Bells Still Ring For Me

One of my favourite movie lines of all time from The Polar Express, about a little boy given a tiny bell from Santa Claus to reawaken his faith in the magic of Christmas. Not that  I have ever needed any help in that department, but I especially love the joy that comes from hearing the […]

Countdown to Christmas

Every year I make a list of things I want to create for Christmas. For the past several its been a mini stocking advent calendar. Looking at the pictures on the Martha website it seemed far too time consuming and involved for Lady Moss’s patience levels, not to mention our wine stock. We decided to […]

Spreading Cheer and Peanut Butter

The nicest thing about living in the country was the daily visitors of the aviation variety. We had a constant stream of little fluttering friends to add colour and song to our day. Our courtyard at Rainbow Lane is sadly lacking guests and so we decided to add variety to their diet with some wild […]

My Favourite Holiday!

I’ve mentioned before just how much I adore Halloween and this year coming is no exception! Rainbow Lane has been gearing itself up early and are not ashamed to admit to sewing costumes in July. We intend to win the Nicholson School Halloween Fete costume competition this year oh yes we do. Although, it wasn’t […]

Fun Times Ahead!

I will have some very exciting tales to tell after this weekend. Until then, to keep you guessing and my hands occupied, here is a little peek at what I’ve been working on! Clearly Lady Moss doesn’t iron. or own a drop sheet…… Worked it out yet?  

This and that

Not being the sportiest of people, I know, shocking but there it is. Lady Moss has found herself crafting more and more at night, rather than wasting time trying to find something decent to watch on the idiot box (my dads term for the telly, which has always seemed perfectly apt to me). We are […]

Its my party!

Ari’s big number FIVE birthday is now just 7 months away and we are well underway! Can you guess the theme? I don’t know who is more excited Mummy or Ari?

Beaten to the punch – Felt Cloud Mobile

We were creating this little mobile for a certain wee babe who is almost ready to join the world recently to go with a surprise nine months in the making. Luckily for Lady Moss (who liked it so much) another version quite as nice was displayed proudly and so we are stuck keeping this one. […]