Ghosts of Halloween Past

It already seems so long ago with Christmas just around the corner, that I really need to do a round up of the Most. Awesome. Halloween. Ever. And those aren’t even my words, they were overheard coming from the mouth of one of our party guests so it must be true non? We kicked off […]

A Perfect Day

The first days of spring will usually find The Little’s and I splashing about somewhere warm and shallow. One of our favourite haunts is the sparkling new Darling Quarter Park with more sprinkler outlets than suburbia in summer. I sit myself on the edge of the action and catch a few rays on my pasty […]

Chocolate, churros and ice-cream oh my!

When The King’s kindy teacher told me how much they love their little gentle, sharing boy I admit I was pleasantly surprised. Gentle, I knew but sharing? My main man is one little kid who doesn’t like to share anything, especially his mama. And so when the Aroma Festival in The Rocks rolled around again […]

Kids at the House!

The Sydney Opera House is one of our favourite haunts and we always make an effort to spend at least one day of the school holidays enjoying their storytelling and performance programs. We like to start our day on a sugar high, who doesn’t? A stop in at Pancakes on the Rocks for their butterfly […]

Mini Mariners Competition!

If you haven’t already, please take a second to pop over to this post: and Like to enter the competition to win vouchers to visit The Maritime Museum during the Mini Mariners program yay!

Competition Time! Merry Mini Mariners!

Most museums and galleries have a kids program these days, helping mums to delve into their wallets time and again in the pursuit of artistic genius. Well they have me at Under Fives, Lady Moss will take the Littles to anything educational in the city. Not only a chance for us to learn something new […]

Wiggles not Wizards

Lady Moss is feeling less than smug this afternoon after a trip to The Powerhouse Museum to see the Harry Potter exhibition this morning. Did you know that being the most popular series of books, like ever means that the only show  to tour Australia sells out faster than Picasso at the Gallery NSW. And […]

Sunshine and Storytelling

As much as school holidays don’t affect the Littles and I, it’s a great time to be living close enough to catch a ten minute bus into the city and participate in the plethora of activities on offer, most of them cheap if not free. This week we loaded up the packhorse and wandered down […]

She picks flowers

The path of our daily walk is strewn with flowers. Mossy and I have always pointed out the names of the blooms that grow in abundance on our warm, happy peninsula and now Ari recites them as we wander. Here, mummy’s favourite jasmine, usually brought home in a fragrant bundle, there a hibiscus in full […]

High Time for Tea and Santa Claus

Ever since I’ve known him, Mossy has asked me the same question, at the same time of year “so do you still believe in Santa?” uh huh, yep surely do, never fails to be the response. And its true. I 100%, prime time believe in Father Christmas, with all the trimmings. I write thank you […]