Ghosts of Halloween Past

It already seems so long ago with Christmas just around the corner, that I really need to do a round up of the Most. Awesome. Halloween. Ever. And those aren’t even my words, they were overheard coming from the mouth of one of our party guests so it must be true non? We kicked off […]

Our Place in the Sun

For ten years now, Mossy and I have been refreshing ourselves in the calm waters of Jervis Bay. We’ve been extra lucky in that, never have we had to pay for this soothing break in our everyday routine as his parents so generously share their beach house with us, my family, their friends and anyone […]

The night that Rocked!

Well known to friends of Lady Moss is the year Mossy and I lived in a terrace built in 1820, smack bang in the middle of The Rocks. We both look fondly behind us to what will  always be remembered as one of the best years of our lives. From our wrought iron balcony we could look […]

Croon away baby.

The conversation on the hour long drive home from the in laws today went like this. Lady Moss: “Damn I didn’t bring my Frank & Bing CD” Mossy: “It would be out the window if you had” “Mossy wouldn’t it be great if there was a radio station that only played Christmas Carols”. “I can’t […]

My how we’ve grown!

Clearly Lady Moss has a thing for shoes. Especially high ones. I’m very fussy when it comes to fashions for my feet and have exacting standards that they must live up to before I bring them home to throw on the pile. All-over leather, inside, outside, soles and they need to smell of it, that’s how […]

Get to the Pointe!

Lady Moss has much to thank So You Think You Can Dance for…… Last night Mossy and I attended The Australian Ballet Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet choreographed by Graeme Murphey. My darling husband bought me the tickets as a welcome back to Sydney present when we finally moved home to the land of all […]

Shine on you good old thing

Anyone around these parts will tell you their local is the best. And when it comes to this little village on the peninsula, there are more pubs in Balmain than babes in Bondi. In my case however, as always I’m right,  I’m telling the truth, my local really is the best. And not just in […]

Bric-a-brac and rick-rack

With Christmas on my mind, I’m hitting up the local markets in the next few weeks unearthing thoughtful and unexpected gifts. We popped up to Rozelle Markets where I never fail to come home with something that poor Mossy shakes his head at. Today I got two heavenly metres of floral printed canvas fabric destined to […]

If the shoe fits.

I’m feeling the aftermath of date night this morning, which basically means I’m up and about with The King, our early riser while Mossy sleeps it off in bed with Ari like a pair of teenagers. My feet hurt, though surprisingly not too badly thanks to the panodol I swallowed before we went out. An […]

A Grand Dame

When it comes to brand loyalty I’m about as devoted as they come. I don’t believe in spending money on something unless I’m sure I’m going to like it which mostly means I’m not the best discount shopper going around. I still buy the same brand of beetroots my mum did, I drive out of my […]