Hunkering Down in the Rainbow Lane Bunker

So its finally winter in Sydney. Which pretty much means crisp-ish 16 degree days and swapping from Ugg Boots to Havianas and back again every five minutes to ward off overheating. Nights are blessedly colder and after a rather harried six months of Kindergarten for Ari and a much thought over decision to take The […]

The worlds best non-alcoholic G&T……

I got this recipe off late-night telly after Lord Moss finally plugged into the new century. Until Lady Moss realised it was nothing more than a way to waste too many nights on the couch rather than writing and crafting, we learnt a good many things about hoarders, scary parents and people who like to […]

My Big Fat Lump of Cookie Dough

Celebrations and occasions in Rainbow Lane nearly always start with a few cling-wrapped balls of sugary cookie dough piled up in our freezer. This Halloween is no different and we got started on preparations with gusto. This recipe is a particular favourite of Lady Moss and comes from our ever referenced Bronnie Bakes. Simply combine […]

When Bad Cake Happens to Good People or Why I Need a Kenwood

Lady Moss would just like to thank all of the overachieving mothers out there. It is no longer acceptable to whip up a Women’s Weekly cake batter the night before, slap on some buttercream and present it with the lights off, candles hiding the mistakes five minutes before everyone leaves. Now it sits basking in […]

Money for Jam

Can one really justify spending four times as much on French jam simply because it comes in the most fabulous etched jar with a faux gingham lid and hand written label? We think yes. Tastes pretty fabulous too just quietly.  

Queen of Hearts part one

There are certain shapes Lady Moss is attracted to for their romantic sensibilities and crafty goodness. Stars, moons, diamonds and hearts. Most of all hearts. We can’t seem to get enough of them lately and they have featured in everything from cookies to jewellery and anything we can come up with in between! I had […]

Jamie Oliver (2nd Husband’s) Beef Brisket Chilli con Carne

We all think pretty highly of Lord Oliver down at Rainbow Lane. In fact, whenever he’s on the menu Mossy will often ask if he is welcome in bed that evening or if its second husbands night. Anything he recommends turns to gold on our bench top and in the oven and, if Her Majesty […]

Lady Hunt’s Salsa

There are many reasons to befriend Lady Hunt, not least her way with vegetables. She always manages to whip up a delectable snack in an instant, even when insisting the cupboards are empty. Our favourite time to visit The Grotto is when the Pimms is flowing and its avocado season. We can always be sure […]

Could this be a contender?

Should the unfortunate crime occur that Lady Moss finds herself on death row I have always been assured that at least I know what my final meal would be. Perhaps more frightening than the electric chair is the thought of having to choose one favourite dish from many. Even though we have several adored meals, […]

Kiddy Curry

I wish you were here in my kitchen right now and not just because Lady Moss hates to drink alone. I wish that someone else could experience what I smell. A little experiment with some nectarines has resulted in a modern take on my mum’s classic Apricot Chicken. Outside the rain is falling, but here […]