Nothing beats a good accessoire

I just love when a piece of cooking equipment pays for its place in the Rainbow Lane kitchen. Less about the cost than its justification for storage space, Lady Moss has more than a few useless items that as much as we would love to get rid of can’t bear to. I’m quite sure I’ve […]

I’ve got crabs!

Market day is my favourite time of the week. I like to display my wares in dishes all over the kitchen encouraging the children to grab a baby heirloom tomato to munch on or to add a splash of lime to our dinner (drinks) each night. We’ve been eating from my favourite cook book by […]

Its raining pomegranates!

Sunday lunch is the most important meal of the week to me. I happily spend hours in a hot kitchen preparing food for the people I love. My family is immense, joined from blood ties, old friends, new friends, neighbours, baristas and anyone else who drops by Rainbow Lane. Today was small in number, big […]

The kid friendly kitchen

Thanks to the poor weather yesterday the Littles and I missed the ferry race, an event we look forward to every year. We made it as far as Ballast Point Park before the rain pelted down forcing us to turn back. We returned home thoroughly grumpy and wet. After I packed The King off to […]

Weeknight wonderful

Lady Moss has cooked some fabulously easy suppers this week from store cupboard supplies and leftover meats. Seeing as its only hump day you have plenty of time to add the ingredients to your shopping list or to do as I did, dig through the pantry and have a good old experiment! Feel free to […]

The best of what Lady Moss has cooked all week

I love the idea of creating a quick bite to eat from a mix of fresh and preserved ingredients. That way there is always something available to me rather than the lazy option of going up the street for food that’s not nourishing or as tasty if I’m completely honest. Yesterday The King helped me […]

Blink and You Will Miss Them Mushrooms

I loathe mushrooms. Betrayed by the world’s most nourishing, easy to cook, gloriously natural food, that sucks up butter like a sponge . When I was very young I was the dreaded fussy eater. Cheese, onions, onions?, tomatos, pumpkin and mushrooms were among the many things I couldn’t bear to eat. And though I have gotten older and […]

Going Brown Bananas

How long has it been since one could afford to make a loaf of Banana Bread? Until last week at $12 a kilo our one banana each a day habit did not allow those babies to ripen enough to bake. On our last visit to the aptly titled Golden Banana, Lady Moss did a snatch […]

The time has come my little friends to talk of other things!

When it comes to the mollusc family, Lady Moss is quite the fiend and can happily devour a bowlful in a most unbecoming manner. Utensils are rarely needed, one just dives in with bread held in one hand, aged Sav Blanc in the other. The only way to eat these juicy morsels requires only a handful of ingredients easily gathered  in […]

Its beginning to smell alot like Christmas

Tomorrow bright and early we go a-visiting. Rainbow Lane is packed with lovely neighbours, lots of kidlets including a couple of new babies and Tuesdays mornings are for playdates. While we wait for the smell of our fresh Christmas Tree to permeate every corner of our home we thought we’d get started with a little […]