Naptime Craft with Lady Moss Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Todays naptime craft comes to you by request. We’ve had a few special occasions around here lately, a baby shower for my sister, The Kings first birthday and redecorating for spring. All perfect opportunities to sit down with a drink and make a pom pom or two. By far the easiest craft with the most […]

This is Halloween, everybody make a scream!

Growing up on a sheep farm in country NSW forty minutes from Yass on The Lachlan River, I dreamed of celebrating Halloween. I’d catch my bus home after school, watching the “town” kids all dressed up trick or treating with their friends. I wanted so badly to be part of it that even now I […]

One for the Un PC

Nothing like a bit of husband vs wife. Seeing as its wrong to let loose on my husband I decided to make a set of Punch & Judy puppets for us to go at each other with at the end of a long day. I took inspiration from The Crafty Minx herself, Kelly Doust and […]

Nutella crepes? Pull-ease….

Our family shopping list only consists of one item. Should I be stuck on a deserted island and providing there’s a swim-up bar there is only this I need. My Saturday morning Ciambella Nutella obsession.                  Luckily for my thighs we live a km away from Bertoni on […]

Come Away My Pretty

  There’s nothing I like better than multitasking. So if I can combine four of my great loves – old, new for me, books and you’re just so pretty I can’t walk away in one purchase I consider it time well spent. I’ve been purposefully wandering past and wanting desperately this vintage copy of Cakes […]

Just one balloon…..

I need a balloon. Just one round balloon. You would think in a household of two children under five, especially with a birthday just gone I could find one freakin balloon. We are being thrifty with our Halloween decorations this year and trying to make everything from supplies we have in the craft cupboard. I’ve […]


It’s amazing what can be created after a full bottle of wine with some left over fabric scraps and a sewing machine on a night when Mossy’s out. I felt guilty that Ari didn’t have a set so a few nights later I made her some too. No wine was involved. Maybe that’s why hers […]

Watch out shes a crafty one that girl

Behold my shiny happy craft cupboard. I know, you’re green right? I’m a teeny tiny bit anal (oh I hate that word but its politically incorrect to say OCD these days apparently) and find myself saying NO! everytime Ari wants to DO CRAFT MUMMY! Our supplies were so boxed up, hidden away and piled up that […]

Sewing Adventures with Lady Moss World’s Wonkiest Wigwam

BYO Martini. Dirty. As you will soon learn I’m a bit of a fan of The Crafty Minx aka Kelly Doust. In fact when I met her at a friends birthday I went a bit gaga and babbled. A lot. She made a hasty exit with a polite excuse about needing pizza. We were in […]

For the lovers

Its Mossy & my ninth wedding anniversary today and woopsy daisy we both forgot. This has never happened to either of us before but in our defense life has just been that extra bit crazy lately. Lucky we had something a little extra special up our sleeves, just waiting for the right moment (thank God […]