High Time for Tea and Santa Claus

Ever since I’ve known him, Mossy has asked me the same question, at the same time of year “so do you still believe in Santa?” uh huh, yep surely do, never fails to be the response. And its true. I 100%, prime time believe in Father Christmas, with all the trimmings. I write thank you […]

Mini beater

As I walk past the pub up the road on a sweltering afternoon, its beer o’clock and I can hear Eye of the Tiger blaring from the speakers.  I have to remind myself as I do sometimes on days like this, I Love My Life, I Love My Life I LOVE MY LIFE!! Over and over […]

Its beginning to smell alot like Christmas

Tomorrow bright and early we go a-visiting. Rainbow Lane is packed with lovely neighbours, lots of kidlets including a couple of new babies and Tuesdays mornings are for playdates. While we wait for the smell of our fresh Christmas Tree to permeate every corner of our home we thought we’d get started with a little […]

Someone to watch over me.

When Mossy and I knew the country life was not all that we’d hoped it would be, for us, it was not a matter of clicking our heels and heading home. Those ruby slippers had to wait awhile, gather a little dust and hope and pray that the day would finally come, in truth a […]

Let your heart be light

Have you trimmed your Christmas Tree yet dear reader? Do you wait for the twelfth month or are you raring and ready to go? Ours is due to arrive on the 4th, later than my usual first day of December, but you can’t rush these real live boughs you know, they’re not a tame tree. […]

Shine on you good old thing

Anyone around these parts will tell you their local is the best. And when it comes to this little village on the peninsula, there are more pubs in Balmain than babes in Bondi. In my case however, as always I’m right,  I’m telling the truth, my local really is the best. And not just in […]

Things that have made me smile this week

Two visits to The Riverview this week. Once for Pinot and once for Sav Blanc The chance to wear opaques with my new caramel pumps before next winter Wrapping a very special birthday present for a very special little Lady The big guy in red himself complimenting Ari on her humility and manners, proud mama […]

Life on the mean streets of Balmain

Can one ever have enough white wooden stools? Or furniture off the street for that matter, as the two seem to go hand in hand at our place. And is it Shabby Chic or just plain shabby? While the trend has been and gone, I am mysteriously drawn to these unloved objects like a magnet, […]

Wrapping it up

Day two of the rain and it doesn’t look like its clearing anytime soon. Strangely for me I’m really enjoying it for the first time in my life. Like Ever. Christmas is generally a mad rush for Aussies, we are far too busy spending our days outside in the sunshine to waste time getting ready […]

Gingerbread 101

Over coffee and babycino’s Ari and I decided to give swimming a miss this afternoon and instead get our Christmas gingerbread mixture locked and loaded. Good thinking team as its now pouring, bad news for swimming lessons, good news for baking. The fact that our lessons are indoors matters not a bit right now. Today […]