Lady’s night in.

When Mossy is away, the ladies-in-waiting rally around to keep me from getting too bored or worse, into some mischief I can’t explain my way out of later. Last week it was Lady Yardley’s turn on the couch and true to form she turned up with a lovely drop of Riesling, one of my favourites […]

Making Christmas Time!

The yearly panic that descends right about the 20th November has well and truly hit the house at the end of Rainbow Lane. Everywhere you look you will see the beginnings of decorations, presents and food in little piles waiting to take full scale liftoff. I have a steadfast rule (are you surprised?) that nothing at all […]

Bric-a-brac and rick-rack

With Christmas on my mind, I’m hitting up the local markets in the next few weeks unearthing thoughtful and unexpected gifts. We popped up to Rozelle Markets where I never fail to come home with something that poor Mossy shakes his head at. Today I got two heavenly metres of floral printed canvas fabric destined to […]

If the shoe fits.

I’m feeling the aftermath of date night this morning, which basically means I’m up and about with The King, our early riser while Mossy sleeps it off in bed with Ari like a pair of teenagers. My feet hurt, though surprisingly not too badly thanks to the panodol I swallowed before we went out. An […]

Things that have made me smile this week.

Everything about our weekend away A shiny gift brought home from afar Learning to enjoy my time alone Enjoying the one good thing about rain in the city The King so cute I can barely stand it Our dear babysitter, back from her trip around the world. Date Night!! A new pair of caramel pumps Reading […]

Happiness for your fridge

Today was one of those perfectly peaceful mornings, rare but treasured down at the end of Rainbow Lane. Mossy was home after three days away on business and we were enjoying buttery scrambled eggs before kindy drop off and coffee. The King and I (love saying that!) took a leisurely stroll around the back streets […]

That little thing you do

Don’t you just love dem babies? Lately, for one of the first times in my life (except as a child waiting for Christmas), time has slowed almost to still. For once. Thinking about it as I was bathing The King tonight I think I’ve got it figured out, which scares me because I don’t want […]

A Grand Dame

When it comes to brand loyalty I’m about as devoted as they come. I don’t believe in spending money on something unless I’m sure I’m going to like it which mostly means I’m not the best discount shopper going around. I still buy the same brand of beetroots my mum did, I drive out of my […]

Cracking the whip.

Fancy a peek inside Lady Moss’s workshop? We’ve been busy getting our gifts ready for Christmas before we launch full swing into Operation Tree Decoration. If I get it ordered in time that is! We are going twelve feet high this year and I’m a little behind in my schedule thanks to this blog. I will […]

A working lunch

I promised myself some fresh homemade hummus for lunch today to go with my left over lamb fillet. After feeding the littles and getting them off to bed, the last thing I felt like was lunch, but true to form if I didn’t eat now I knew I would be snacking all afternoon. So I […]