Cover your eyes so you won’t get dizzy

Every year since Mossy and I have taken our holidays on the south coast there has been a summer carnival on the beach. Really a nice way of describing a group of carneys who could do with a visit to the dentist standing around working a bunch of rickety rides held together with string and […]

Lady Moss is Hooked

I have a theory that in this day and age, the modern Lady can master one of two disciplines. While this may not be true of everyone, in my family you are either a knitter or a crocheter. I have tried many a time to manipulate the needles and while the desire is there the […]

The little Christmas that could

And so this is Christmas. And what have you done? Down at Rainbow Lane we bid farewell to one of the nicest Christmas’ ever. Mossy and I are sitting quietly in our favourite spots to take a big deep breath. And let it out again. Phew. Our tree stands a little forlorn in the corner, […]

Things that made me smile this week

Fairy lights in frangipani trees. Always reminds me of Lady Hunt Reminding myself to swim in the slipstream when doing the last Christmas grocery shop. Take it slow, enjoy the process, smile and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The Kings blocks raising the legs of my Christmas table so it matches the height of its […]

No rain on our parade

Few words are needed to express how these reindeer, frolicking across a Lane Cove lawn sent our heart soaring. And for anyone who dare to dampen our Christmas Spirit preaching words of commercialism corrupting the minds of the young, pay extra close attention. That’s all.     Note: For any of you remotely handy readers, I believe […]

I hope that someone gets my….

Lady Moss has been agonising over what to give our best Ladies-in-waiting for Christmas. On a recent jaunt into the city with The King I lost a precious blue bag tied with white ribbon containing long-time saved for precious metals. It didn’t seem right, or budget friendly to replace them so I took it as […]

Too close for comfort

Tonight is Monday Night Movie Night. Friday and Saturday, should Lady Moss be home, are saved for watching new flicks and the beginning of the week for revisiting old loves. Its Lady’s choice and as I set to work flicking through the DVD cases there will always be two I will pause at to stroke […]

“Leave Sydney Alone!”

One thing I was not prepared for when I moved back home was the Sydney bashers. Never having been one myself, even before the ill fated tree change, I had forgotten what it was like to sit at my café and have to listen to some interstate guest or worse, a resident (shame on you!) […]

Croon away baby.

The conversation on the hour long drive home from the in laws today went like this. Lady Moss: “Damn I didn’t bring my Frank & Bing CD” Mossy: “It would be out the window if you had” “Mossy wouldn’t it be great if there was a radio station that only played Christmas Carols”. “I can’t […]

Des Palettes de Couleurs

Recently, it has become abundantly clear to Lady Moss that one cannot take credit for any decorating flair we may have. The smack to the head moment came this morning when styling our latest market find. That our ladies-in-waiting hold greater influence over our nature than was originally thought. I’ve always despaired that I don’t […]