Things that have made me smile this week

A very special wedding invitation, bringing with it the chance to discover a new country. New craft and home books arriving like a flood at Rainbow Lane. Ordered over a few months they are finally here bringing with them good stress, Lady Moss must find time to read them all. Didn’t you know, its ALL […]

Twenty Five December Lane

A will-o-wisp of Christmas wind drifted into Rainbow Lane this afternoon. A brown paper package all tied up with string – red and white fancy! sent shadows beneath our door. Thank goodness the card read “open me” I don’t think we could’ve waited in anycase! So what before our shining eyes should appear? A Christmas […]

My how we’ve grown!

Clearly Lady Moss has a thing for shoes. Especially high ones. I’m very fussy when it comes to fashions for my feet and have exacting standards that they must live up to before I bring them home to throw on the pile. All-over leather, inside, outside, soles and they need to smell of it, that’s how […]

Christmas House!

I thought I might share some pics now that Rainbow Lane has been officially Christmasized. I have a thing for red at the best of times and love to raid the children’s bedrooms for my decorating. It is about them afterall!      How’s your place looking at the moment?

A Plea to the Gods

Weather don’t give up on me now. I need your overcast skies and arctic temperatures a little longer. I had three new books turn up on my doorstep this week, presents to complete and wrap, mulled wine to be steeped and crochet to master. And the lists….oh the endless lists. Did I tell you I’m […]

Here in the clear blue sky….

I’ve spent years perfecting my beach bag. Believe me when I tell you it has occupied hundreds of hours of thought. Part of my love for the ocean is the freedom I feel when I am beside it. Tiresome, the thought of dragging armloads of unnecessary gear and then worse still, packing it back up […]

Up with the clouds I fly…..

There’s always a silver lining if you are willing to find it. Sometimes you need to look a little harder, sometimes its nigh impossible, but its there. If I have learnt anything the past three years it is this; what you think will make you happy wont and when times are tough you could always […]

Get to the Pointe!

Lady Moss has much to thank So You Think You Can Dance for…… Last night Mossy and I attended The Australian Ballet Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet choreographed by Graeme Murphey. My darling husband bought me the tickets as a welcome back to Sydney present when we finally moved home to the land of all […]

Oh sweet liberty

Lady Moss is feeling a little fragile today. Five cocktails at Bambini Wine Room the evening before will do that to you. We were treated to a brand new concoction of Amaretto and Limoncello. A flavor combination of almonds and lemon that shouldn’t work, but does and amazingly well we might add. A drinkable dessert. […]

If you’ve ever lost your way

Let me spin you a web. A tale of the measure of a man. Our story begins over five years ago now, when our hero decided to leave the safety and security of a steady paycheck and travel the uncharted highroad alone and steadfast. He wasn’t entirely alone of course, he brought his family along on […]