Beam me up

Nothing much today just a trip to Spotlight Rockdale with two children in tow. A trip I will never make again are you kidding me!! Ari was beside herself with the party paraphernalia and wanted to take it all home for the three birthday parties she is convinced she is having. We went there to […]

The happiest little yellow cottage on Rainbow Lane

Somehow Lady Moss managed to ignore the Littles for two hours yesterday while researching our latest obsession. Card Table Playhouses. There are a huge amount online, along with patterns and complete supplies to make your own using pre-existing designs. Knowing there’s an architect, landscape artist and interior designer deep within me, I’ve been busy creating my own […]

Its raining pomegranates!

Sunday lunch is the most important meal of the week to me. I happily spend hours in a hot kitchen preparing food for the people I love. My family is immense, joined from blood ties, old friends, new friends, neighbours, baristas and anyone else who drops by Rainbow Lane. Today was small in number, big […]

The kid friendly kitchen

Thanks to the poor weather yesterday the Littles and I missed the ferry race, an event we look forward to every year. We made it as far as Ballast Point Park before the rain pelted down forcing us to turn back. We returned home thoroughly grumpy and wet. After I packed The King off to […]

I am. You are. We all are.

Today I celebrate Australia Day. I celebrate the nation we are and the nation we hold the reins to become. I celebrate a political system that allowed me to give birth to my babies safely, respectfully and cheaply, a system that gives me access to a free education and a university degree that I don’t have to pay […]

Weeknight wonderful

Lady Moss has cooked some fabulously easy suppers this week from store cupboard supplies and leftover meats. Seeing as its only hump day you have plenty of time to add the ingredients to your shopping list or to do as I did, dig through the pantry and have a good old experiment! Feel free to […]

Its not just bricks and mortar to me

I have always searched for the beauty in all things and am not happy unless surrounded by loveliness. Mossy and I are true romantics and would much prefer to live in a decrepit, crumbling sandstone pit with Bonne dieu! no storage!,  than the shinest, most sparkling McMansion with walk in wardrobes galore. This continuously gets […]

The night that Rocked!

Well known to friends of Lady Moss is the year Mossy and I lived in a terrace built in 1820, smack bang in the middle of The Rocks. We both look fondly behind us to what will  always be remembered as one of the best years of our lives. From our wrought iron balcony we could look […]

The best of what Lady Moss has cooked all week

I love the idea of creating a quick bite to eat from a mix of fresh and preserved ingredients. That way there is always something available to me rather than the lazy option of going up the street for food that’s not nourishing or as tasty if I’m completely honest. Yesterday The King helped me […]

Thirty Three Candles

Yesterday was my birthday.  Thirty three years in all for Lady Moss. Down at Rainbow Lane, birthdays last a week and mine started with a bang. Treated to a bounty of Middle Eastern fare Monday night at the divine Neild Avenue by Lady Kitty, I don’t think I’ve stopped eating since. The big day was a […]