Wiggles not Wizards

Lady Moss is feeling less than smug this afternoon after a trip to The Powerhouse Museum to see the Harry Potter exhibition this morning. Did you know that being the most popular series of books, like ever means that the only show  to tour Australia sells out faster than Picasso at the Gallery NSW. And […]

Things that made me smile this week

I admit it was a difficult week so anything that brought a little sunshine back to my life was appreciated ten fold. Tuesday Night Nigella. That women is pure plumped up perfection. Imagine being that luscious naturally. Crocheting the worlds widest, longest cashmere scarf/blanket. Well maybe not the biggest but shes pretty generous. I anticipate many cosy winter […]

Sunshine and Storytelling

As much as school holidays don’t affect the Littles and I, it’s a great time to be living close enough to catch a ten minute bus into the city and participate in the plethora of activities on offer, most of them cheap if not free. This week we loaded up the packhorse and wandered down […]

Blink and You Will Miss Them Mushrooms

I loathe mushrooms. Betrayed by the world’s most nourishing, easy to cook, gloriously natural food, that sucks up butter like a sponge . When I was very young I was the dreaded fussy eater. Cheese, onions, onions?, tomatos, pumpkin and mushrooms were among the many things I couldn’t bear to eat. And though I have gotten older and […]

Going Brown Bananas

How long has it been since one could afford to make a loaf of Banana Bread? Until last week at $12 a kilo our one banana each a day habit did not allow those babies to ripen enough to bake. On our last visit to the aptly titled Golden Banana, Lady Moss did a snatch […]

Here in the present

There is nothing like a week of birthdays to lift a Lady’s spirits, give us a reason to dust off the sewing machine and pick up the crochet hook once again. Tonight we are creating something extra special out of some floral fabric and vintage rick rack, I wonder what it could be? I must […]


Three days ago we lost something most precious to us. We lost that which would make us complete. We lost our baby. We didn’t know we wanted her, for girl she most definitely was. We didn’t know how happy we would feel when we found out she was coming. We had no idea how she […]

Pretty Good Year

Everywhere I look, everywhere I read, it is abundantly clear that I’m not the only one who feels that this year is the year of Happy. People are more encouraged by their own creative achievements, more satisfied with the simple pleasures and more devoted to fulfilling their dreams than ever before. There are so many […]

Things that have made me smile this week

Coming home from holidays to a fresh house cleaned of all Christmas “stuff” by my perfect husband. Nothing worse than packing away boxes of baubles in 35 degree heat A last minute decision to take the Littles out to dinner tonight for some family fun Having my car detailed from top to bottom, a treat […]

The time has come my little friends to talk of other things!

When it comes to the mollusc family, Lady Moss is quite the fiend and can happily devour a bowlful in a most unbecoming manner. Utensils are rarely needed, one just dives in with bread held in one hand, aged Sav Blanc in the other. The only way to eat these juicy morsels requires only a handful of ingredients easily gathered  in […]