Nothing beats a good accessoire

I just love when a piece of cooking equipment pays for its place in the Rainbow Lane kitchen. Less about the cost than its justification for storage space, Lady Moss has more than a few useless items that as much as we would love to get rid of can’t bear to. I’m quite sure I’ve […]

Oofey the Magic Dragon

Its that time of year again, Birthday Party Time!! I had magnificent plans to give Ari a Micky and the Brooms party. I know cool right! I had all my ideas, broom crafting, mdf wand invitations and a magician but thanks to my daughters astounding imagination I’ve had to shelve it all because she is […]

The circle of life

Just another of life’s cruel jokes if you ask me. Last night I had to perform a task that should never be asked of a mother. I had to hold my son down while a doctor stuck a needle into his spine. Well I didn’t have to, I was given a choice.  To stand outside and […]

I’ve got crabs!

Market day is my favourite time of the week. I like to display my wares in dishes all over the kitchen encouraging the children to grab a baby heirloom tomato to munch on or to add a splash of lime to our dinner (drinks) each night. We’ve been eating from my favourite cook book by […]


I apologise for my absence dear friends / friend? life got in the way. Well a book did really. I’ve been ensconced in The Tale of Danny Dunn lent to me by a friend who, like everyone else is well aware of my love affair with this little peninsula.Balmain is one of those mystifying places that […]

For the lovers

We adore a reason to celebrate down at Rainbow Lane and Valentine’s Day is up there with the best of them. Any chance to show my family how much I adore them is one taken. A quick and easy craft completed in a lunchtime with leftover felt was the best way to embrace the day of […]

May all your dreams come true

Tomorrow my baby girl turns four. 4. Wow. Like all parents I look at her and think seriously? I made this? I did good! This fairy creature of ours amazes us everyday. She inspires Mossy and I to slow down, look around us and make up a story about what we see. It is because of her that I […]

All for warmth

Lady Moss has itchy fingers today. Literally, the mosquitoes this year have been appalling. We also happen to be waiting on a huge amount of felt and crafting supplies for several projects, including the playhouse, on the Rainbow Lane sewing agenda. Until it all arrives I am left with nothing new and fresh to work […]

Goodnight sweet prince

My sweet girl is my freedom, my spirit, my wee man my star. He guides me safely through the dark mists that encircle my mind and threaten at times to drag me under. Arms out, giggling and calling Mama Mama, three steps ahead, keeping me always within the light. His constant companion Tedda runs with him. […]