Playhouse house part four: Tea and Poodles!

Its been a little crazy down at Rainbow Lane this week! We have our fabulous competition for you to enter to win tickets to Mini Mariners at The Maritime Museum, our Littles to take care of and our playhouse to finally complete before Easter. I’m a little behind on uploading all of the pictures and […]

Competition Time! Merry Mini Mariners!

Most museums and galleries have a kids program these days, helping mums to delve into their wallets time and again in the pursuit of artistic genius. Well they have me at Under Fives, Lady Moss will take the Littles to anything educational in the city. Not only a chance for us to learn something new […]

Jamie Oliver (2nd Husband’s) Beef Brisket Chilli con Carne

We all think pretty highly of Lord Oliver down at Rainbow Lane. In fact, whenever he’s on the menu Mossy will often ask if he is welcome in bed that evening or if its second husbands night. Anything he recommends turns to gold on our bench top and in the oven and, if Her Majesty […]

Creative inspiration!

Lady Moss is getting inundated with questions about the playhouse, especially where we source our supplies. Many hours go into researching price, quality, delivery cost and all those many tiresome options available. We look online and in store to find the best seller so that you can be assured that whenever we list a stockists […]

Competition Time!

We are very excited to be holding our first competition at Rainbow Lane!! Keep your eyes and ears peeled over the next few days for all the juicy details, its a must enter!

Playhouse part three: frontage

If you have been following the progress of the playhouse you will  know that the roof has been completed and we are now ready to move onto the more detailed pieces. Lets start with something easy, the front door to get us in the mood shall we. Get yourself comfy with sewing table and “playhouse […]

Playhouse part two

Everytime I walk past the chocolate isle at the shops my tummy squeezes into knots. I had the best laid plans to surprise the littles with a felt playhouse Easter morning with just a few hunting eggs hidden for good measure, This afternoon I cut it down to size. Working on one side at a time, I’m […]

Just do your best and everyone will love you

If there is one talent Lady Moss possesses and is duly proud of, its the ability to walk into any cheap MIC (made in China) clothes store and locate in a second the one hidden jewel. Our best Ladies-in-waiting have the same skill and we love to see the combination of designer and diamond in the […]

Things that made me smile this week

And there were many of them, get ready for a long list! Flights of dragons all around Rainbow Lane Good Sommeliers who can find a good bottle of Pinot and only charge a pair of ladies $40 for it Watching tropical fish dancing to classical music Matching stripy tops oh my! Salivating over street food […]

Under the sea

Thursday is Mummy and The King day at Rainbow Lane, a day for just the two of us to enjoy each other’s company whilst out and about in this  city that we both love so much. From what I’ve heard its pretty rare for a boy-child to be happily holstered into a pram for most of the day. […]