The present tense

Well the magic dragon party is all over, life has gone back to normal and it was a fabulous day. Mossy and the Littles are in bed, sleeping off the sugar fall out while I slowly tidy away the remains for another year. As I bundle the packaging into the recycling from Ari’s haul of […]

When bad tummy bugs happen to good people

Twenty four hours of hell followed by three days of recovery. Time I don’t have with Ari’s party speeding up alongside Rainbow lane.   Thank God Maxalon is over the counter, bad news is how doped up it makes me feel. Probably not even making much sense right now. Although I am enjoying an unprecedented […]

Lady Hunt’s Salsa

There are many reasons to befriend Lady Hunt, not least her way with vegetables. She always manages to whip up a delectable snack in an instant, even when insisting the cupboards are empty. Our favourite time to visit The Grotto is when the Pimms is flowing and its avocado season. We can always be sure […]

A Good Virus

If this is a war of attrition then surely the numbers are finally on our side? For longer than I have been alive Uganda has been ruled by leaders forging a path of destruction that has brought the country to its knees. Brutality and violence gone on for so long there is hardly anyone living […]

Could this be a contender?

Should the unfortunate crime occur that Lady Moss finds herself on death row I have always been assured that at least I know what my final meal would be. Perhaps more frightening than the electric chair is the thought of having to choose one favourite dish from many. Even though we have several adored meals, […]

Kiddy Curry

I wish you were here in my kitchen right now and not just because Lady Moss hates to drink alone. I wish that someone else could experience what I smell. A little experiment with some nectarines has resulted in a modern take on my mum’s classic Apricot Chicken. Outside the rain is falling, but here […]

In her birthday suit

I used to go to school with twin girls who on top of being willowy and gorgeous, had a mother who made amazing costumes for dances. The most memorable was a full mermaid suit inspired by Splash and a Queen of Hearts ballgown, both as easily at home on a film set as our little primary school. Although […]

Everybody needs good…

When I was a young country lady-in-waiting, I was an avid Neighbours watcher. As are all the Royal Family so I’ve heard. Loyal only to Ramsey Street, I shunned all mention of that beachside township and its loose youth.  A bit grownup for me, I fully supported Al Stewart’s fist shaking and cries of “young […]