Burn victim

Lady Moss is a little felt obsessed at the moment, just in case you couldn’t tell and happened upon a gorgeous little “hat-ette” tutorial on deliacreates. Perfect for the lunchtime nap crafter, this little project will take no longer than an hour to whip up a couple of these fancies. We made one for Ari, […]

Got twenty minutes?

Its no secret Lady Moss is felt crazy. Add bunting into the mix and you have a mama who is quite happy to let The King eat playdoh just so she can get some sewing peace. Lately we’ve been thinking that Ari’s bedroom just doesn’t have the pizazz of The Boy King. This morning Lady […]

Sacred Day. Anzac Day

This most special day has always been cherished above all others in my house. As I wake with the dawn my thoughts drift along ageless beaches, stony cliff faces and fields swept clear by the whispering voices on the wind. My heart sits heavy in my chest today and my eyes spill over. I feel […]

My house, in the middle of my street.

My hasn’t Lady Moss been busy! Apart from returning to our Scottish roots at Bundanoon is Brigadoon (more on that some other time), watching Ari lead yes LEAD her ballet class and discovering the joys of cool nights and icy Baileys, we have most regretfully neglected ye olde blogey. So sorry. This afternoon we happened […]

Don’t read this if you are my mum.

Its my mums birthday this weekend and apart from being excited that we will be eating twelve hour pulled pork, its a chance to try out a craft I found a few months ago and have been dying to recreate. Little felt fortune cookies, spied on Curly Birds are just about the cutest things I’ve […]


It was a big part of my life growing up, to celebrate the season change from searing hot summers to cool earth autumn. Living in the city for so long now, I’ve learnt to yearn for the suns return to our side of the world, which brings with it long days at the beach ending […]

Mini Mariners Competition!

If you haven’t already, please take a second to pop over to this post: http://www.rainbowlane.com.au/?p=1068 and Like to enter the competition to win vouchers to visit The Maritime Museum during the Mini Mariners program yay!

Any excuse to decorate!

We love the chance to refresh Rainbow Lane for just about any occasion and Easter is one of those very special times of year. For me its the last opportunity to celebrate the sunshine and blue skies before this side of the world goes into its hibernation. We open our doors and windows and spread […]

Playhouse part seven: Infinito! (or sewing the playhouse together!)

Tonight will be the first night Lady Moss hasn’t had to work on the playhouse while the littles are in bed. I can sit down with a glass of wine and twist and jive the crochet hook in peace! Today I completed the last stage of the project, sewing the entire playhouse together. I found […]

Playhouse part six: A Window into Rainbow Lane

We are finally there dearest readers! If you have stuck with me this far, you would know I have been working to a tightly held deadline to complete a felt playhouse for the Littles for Easter. I purchased the felt way back in February and have had it sitting, unused and unattended to, waiting to […]