Making plans

Its funny how you can go from having a dollar in your old wallet with the seams fraying (damn I loved it though) to ordering your dream bag from Net-a-Porter and waiting while they get the correct shade of tan just for you. This is how the past three years have been for us in […]

Queen of Hearts part two

With only ten months to go until Ari’s 5th birthday party the pressure is on. Clearly planning starts early around here and as this will be her first school year its make or break time as we implant ourselves firmly in the social stratosphere of the primary school mums club. In other words, its going […]

Queen of Hearts part one

There are certain shapes Lady Moss is attracted to for their romantic sensibilities and crafty goodness. Stars, moons, diamonds and hearts. Most of all hearts. We can’t seem to get enough of them lately and they have featured in everything from cookies to jewellery and anything we can come up with in between! I had […]

Expectations are whats holding us back

I’m not quite sure when it happened, seemly overnight, that I accepted the fact my little Ari is growing up and will be off to school next year. I thought I would come to this day kicking and screaming but as we reach this new stage of her life, there are so many new experiences […]

Winners are Grinners!

I have finally gotten around to randomly drawing the winners of the Mini Mariners competition! I’m so excited to be sending Lady Carkayjis and Lady Berger a family voucher each to the Australian Maritime Museum to enjoy a morning in the Mini Mariners Kids Program yipee!!! Enjoy x

I shall call him Little Blackie

When we made our big move to the country I had visions of little black faced lambs running around the place, eating from our hand and sitting with the Littles in the shade having cuddles. Thank goodness Mossy had the forsight not to indulge me on this one and my fancies were unfounded. Although I […]