Its my party!

Ari’s big number FIVE birthday is now just 7 months away and we are well underway! Can you guess the theme? I don’t know who is more excited Mummy or Ari?

Kids at the House!

The Sydney Opera House is one of our favourite haunts and we always make an effort to spend at least one day of the school holidays enjoying their storytelling and performance programs. We like to start our day on a sugar high, who doesn’t? A stop in at Pancakes on the Rocks for their butterfly […]

A little felt monster for a little human monster….

I love the idea of The Littles making gifts for each other, raiding my craft stash and letting their imaginations run wild out of love for their sibling. Over coffee this morning, Ari and I “brainstormed” and came up with several brilliant designs before settling on a snuggly monster made of felt for our favourite […]

Beaten to the punch – Felt Cloud Mobile

We were creating this little mobile for a certain wee babe who is almost ready to join the world recently to go with a surprise nine months in the making. Luckily for Lady Moss (who liked it so much) another version quite as nice was displayed proudly and so we are stuck keeping this one. […]

I know my shapes!

I had a slight panic attack last night about the up and coming gift season. With birthdays for my two favourite baby men, Halloween and Christmas following quick sticks after, I’m wondering how and when there will be time for the list of crafty projects rapidly growing on my sewing table. I also have no […]