Shaping the hearts and minds of children. Well year five and six anyway.

I am approaching tomorrow with what feels like a night out on the emotional bar tab rolling around in my head, pushing out against my eyes. More than anything I’m excited, beyond excited actually to be stepping into a classroom to teach Primary Ethics to years five and six at Ari’s school. If I didn’t […]

The worlds best non-alcoholic G&T……

I got this recipe off late-night telly after Lord Moss finally plugged into the new century. Until Lady Moss realised it was nothing more than a way to waste too many nights on the couch rather than writing and crafting, we learnt a good many things about hoarders, scary parents and people who like to […]

Too busy eating icecream

I haven’t been around much this summer because, well it was summer. An all too fleeting time where so much happened that it was hard to keep track of the days and separate one from another. Most of it was spent at our new (vintage) caravan on the beach, some of it tossing fresh ingredients […]