Not Always a Curse.

There are many thoughts that come to mind when a parent is asked to describe how they feel about their child. The list is an endless variation of love, amazement, frustration, fear and so many more. I wonder if many mothers can add Envy to that list. For that is how I feel on a […]

Endless Summer Salads

I’d never completely understood the utter satisfaction that comes from growing my own food until now. Although, I can’t think of a time where there hasn’t been a garden in my life, its been bred into me you could say, I never really took pleasure in growing veges. My parents have always had the grandest […]

Here to Save the Day!

You can admit it here, to me Dear Reader, that you are stressed about Christmas. Aren’t you. Yes. Well its ok, its alright, Lady Moss is here, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. We have been inundated with rain this November, which delights me! It not only gets Lady Moss into the Christmas spirit but it […]

Could You Be?

Walking home under the street lights I am never lonely. I am ever accompanied by all the memories, new and old of the sandstone around me. The snatches of conversation I hear as I wander past, not knowing if they are from my time or another. Tonight is extra special. One of those cottages I […]