Playhouse part two

Everytime I walk past the chocolate isle at the shops my tummy squeezes into knots. I had the best laid plans to surprise the littles with a felt playhouse Easter morning with just a few hunting eggs hidden for good measure,

This afternoon I cut it down to size. Working on one side at a time, I’m determined to finish it. I  completed the roof in just a couple of hours so its looking like it might just happen!

To create the sky you will need a piece of blue felt slightly larger than your table top. Mine measures 30 inches by 34 inches with a half inch seam allowance on all sides.\

I used invisible thread which is lovely to work with and will leave a clean inner lining. you will also need various felt colours and polyfill.

Draw and cut out any pattern pieces you would like on plain paper, then pin onto the felt pieces. Cut out the felt and arrange on the roof until you are happy with the placement. Pin in place.


Sew around the edges of your clouds, stopping just before you reach the end to stuff a little fibre fill using a chopstick. Complete the edge, backstitching for strength.

I decided last minute to pop on a rainbow, which finishes it beautifully don’t you think? Thats the great thing about these felt houses, the material is forgiving and you can make many additions before you sew all of the sides together.


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