Nutella crepes? Pull-ease….

Our family shopping list only consists of one item. Should I be stuck on a deserted island and providing there’s a swim-up bar there is only this I need. My Saturday morning Ciambella Nutella obsession.









 Luckily for my thighs we live a km away from Bertoni on Darling Street in Balmain and if I want it I have to walk for it.

Standing in line I’m always tempted to stray to the Cannoli Piccoli filled with mascarpone, hazelnut crème or vanilla custard but I never do. When I order and get that smile of recognition, yep its me again and yes I know I had one Wednesday, I remember that its the little traditions special only to our little family that make up the fabric of our day.

I watch Ari change her mind three times over which colour cupcake she wants while Anthony waits patiently for her order, The King flirting with anyone who is dumb enough to pick up Tedda after hes dropped him over the side of The Packhorse yet again and Mossy trying to keep them both from knocking over coffees. My heart swells like it always does in moments like this filled with just how happy and content we are with this life we have together.

Mama Bertoni wafts around supervising her boys and offering morsels shes baked that morning. My children jump up to her waiting for a kiss and a cookie. It’s not just me that can feel the sense of history and home that lingers here.  The café is a monument to her and the love her family have for the traditions they have grown up with.

Ciambella arrives and of course its perfect. Chewy and hot, straight from the toaster, dripping with melted nutella. If you have never succumbed to one I insist that you get up, hot foot it to your nearest Italian deli and buy an oversized doughnut, fill it with nutella and toast. Of course it will never taste as good as Bertoni’s on a Saturday morning but I’m not quite sure if it’s the food or the family that makes it so.

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