Playhouse part three: frontage

If you have been following the progress of the playhouse you will  know that the roof has been completed and we are now ready to move onto the more detailed pieces.

Lets start with something easy, the front door to get us in the mood shall we. Get yourself comfy with sewing table and “playhouse table” in easy reach, pour for a glass of something cold and lets begin!

I have found the best way to go at this little house is to use your playhouse table for all measuring and cutting of felt and keep your sewing table as clear as possible. You will want to keep your dining table free of this project for your own sanity. Its a long involved one and will take several days if you are a Lady with a mission, several months if you are a relaxed mama.

Start by laying out your chosen colours. We are doing buttercup yellow walls, a red door (for money and luck), a blue and grey letterbox and finally a white picket fence. Make sure you are happy with the combination before you start cutting. You will quickly notice I use a paper pattern for almost everything. I wish I had the confidence in my artistic ability to cut bravely but alas anon.  So I draw and measure first before breaking into my precious felt stockpile.

Measure carefully your walls, adding a half inch seam allowance on all sides. Check before cutting that you haven’t got a deceptively rectangular table by measuring each side of your table. Lady Moss almost had a disatster on her hands thinking our table was a square. It isn’t. I am slicing one side at a time, concentrating on finishing it before I move onto the next.

Measure the height you would like for your door and surrounds if you choose to have them. Slice from your (red) chosen colour. I cut a heart into my door, because I’ve put mine into this project.

An easy way to cut a symetrical heart shape (and we do like perfection down Rainbow Lane way) is to fold your fabric in half and cut the shape so that both sides match exactly.

I wanted to give the doorway extra strength and so I used bias tape to bind the edges of the heart and doorway before sewing it in place. I love a finished edge and have decided to bind the entire project before sewing it all together with white tape.

Pin your surrounds and doorway in place and begin to sew. Once again I have loved using invisible thread for this project. The sewing looks impeccable and I haven’t had to change thread colours constantly, which being the perfectionist I am, would certainly happen. Think back to that rainbow people!

I have sewn around every edge to give strength and a finished look. I have no doubt the Littles are going to go pretty hard on the finished playhouse so I’m hedging my bets now.

Once the door is sewn in place, carefully slice out an opening for little people to run in and out! You could attach velcro to hold the door up but it would’ve shown from the outside which I wasnt happy with. I’m still searching for a solution there. Remember, there are so many door shapes you could choosse foor this, a rounded edge, a sideways opening, the choice is up to you, thats why this is so fun!

Ahhhh doesn’t that look impressive! So nice, that its time to move onto our mailbox!

Again, measure twice, cut once. Decide on your colours, size and shape. I drew a rounded edge onto paper using a glass decanter I happened to have handy (beside me) before cutting out from the felt. Also cut a pole and any extra accessories.

My letterbox will be receiving letters from little hands and so I made it a double box. You will need to cut two pieces from your (grey) felt. I attached the leftover heart from the door piece plus a little velcro square to the base piece before sewing it in place on the wall. To the front I attached the other velcro piece and of course bound it nicely. Couldn’t resist really.

I cheated a little here. I had some leftover sticky felt letters from my birthday crown project and decided to attach them instead of the arduous task of cutting paper letters and then the felt version, not to mention the sewing, heavens! These letters came in a bag from Spotlight, I have seen them at bargain stores too, they cost me about $4 for the lot.

At this stage I also cut my picket fence pieces. I played around with different sized paper pieces until I was happy. I then measured and cut from the felt. I pinned in place before sewing around each. I decided at the last minute to include the fence and I’m so pleased I did. I think it makes all the difference and has fabulous street appeal don’t you think?

Two sides down, three (much more involved) sides to go. C’mon, theres still time to catch up!

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  1. this looks amazing mel! you have such lucky, lucky, LUCKY children. your talents amaze me xo


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