Playhouse house part four: Tea and Poodles!

Its been a little crazy down at Rainbow Lane this week! We have our fabulous competition for you to enter to win tickets to Mini Mariners at The Maritime Museum, our Littles to take care of and our playhouse to finally complete before Easter. I’m a little behind on uploading all of the pictures and details but I’m sure you will forgive me non?

So far this is our favourite side, not too involved and apart from a few missing fingers its looking quite nice!

I chose my colours for the doghouse before cutting out the pieces using the slicer and Fifi with a pattern found online. I’ve found the best scissors for this job have been a set of Crayola paper scissors, quite small and good for intricate cutting.

I cut the door using my favourite decanter.

Used my favourite sticky letters!

Cut and pinned the roof

Pinned and sewed it onto the wall piece.

You will then slice the wall piece as you did your door before sewing on the flap

Attach your puppy! There are loads of patterns and images online you could choose from, or you could trust your artist genius and draw from scratch.

Lay out colours for tea time! I’ve created a grey table with a blue top, red polka dot teaset. The cutting out was murder but so worth it for the end result.

I was inspired by Miss Pretty Pretty on Etsy for my tea table. I created the pattern by hand before cutting into the felt. As always. Carefully does it Lady Moss.

I attached the table legs and table top before checking the size of the teaset.

I created the teaset in two layers. One white, one red polka dot. This gives the pieces extra strength and allowed me to sew velcro to the back piece (white)

Take your time sewing these pieces, they are tricky and will swallow your fingers if not careful.

Choose your placement for velcro before sewing onto the wall. I didn’t want to see any white spots on my walls so I decided to sew little yellow “caps” for when the Littles are playing with their teapot inside the cubby!


No caps!

Introducing the finished product!

Don’t forget you can order felt to make your own playhouse from and get a fantastic discount using the “Rainbow Lane % discount offer” code. Get sewing Ladies!

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  1. Bev

     /  April 1, 2012

    You are so talented ! Looks like good fun ! xx


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