One for the Un PC

Nothing like a bit of husband vs wife. Seeing as its wrong to let loose on my husband I decided to make a set of Punch & Judy puppets for us to go at each other with at the end of a long day.

I took inspiration from The Crafty Minx herself, Kelly Doust and followed the instructions from A Crafty Kid.  A very easy two hours work in front of playschool and they were done!

A very easy hand sewn gift

Ari has had a thing for puppets, particularly Punch and Judy after watching the Commedia dell’ Arte’ at the Art Gallery NSW during their Sunday Gallery for Kids (free) performances. Far from being too young to understand the concepts of the Italian classic theatre, the children found it hysterically funny and for weeks afterward I would catch Ari playacting in character, rolling her R’s with her soft toys.

scarily quicky getting the hang of it

We built the puppets their own little theatre with miniature curtains although I doubt Punch approves of Judy’s choice of polka dots, he’s been especially rough of late.

The puppets new home




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