Playhouse part six: A Window into Rainbow Lane

We are finally there dearest readers!

If you have stuck with me this far, you would know I have been working to a tightly held deadline to complete a felt playhouse for the Littles for Easter. I purchased the felt way back in February and have had it sitting, unused and unattended to, waiting to make this special cubby!

I sewed my final stitches today, holding the very last centimetres of invisible thread in my hands as there wasn’t enough left even to thread the machine properly! I have used two generous spools for this project and will be sewing the sides together tomorrow using white thread as they won’t be visible inside or out.

The flower garden is most definitely my favourite side. I have such a love affair with frangipani trees which I have passed into Ari and I wanted to make sure they were included in the playhouse to see us through the winter months without our beloved blooms.

It all came together pretty quickly as I had precut the tree and leaves whilst working on the vege garden, fabulous I say! Please check carefully that you are attaching the tree to the correct side. Lady Moss had a mini heart-attack today as we pinned it all together until thankfully the logic of Mossy prevailed and the front door was discovered to be on the wrong side of the table. All easily fixed but do check.

Decide on your width and length of window pane. I have used a 2 inch surround on the door frame and went with the same dimensions for this. Slice and pin to the wall piece before cutting out the window to fit.

Add a window box and measure dividers for your flowers.

Add some grass, juicy  and green please no scrub here!

Before sewing it all into place.

To create my flowers, I used some of the templates from as well as drawing some of my own. You could sew them directly onto the wall piece or make them three dimensional as I did. I used kebab sticks to help the stems to stand upright.

Its high spring in Rainbow Lane!

To give my frangipani’s dimension, I simply pinched the petals together before tacking in place, I then sewed them straight onto the tree to keep the shape.

As you can see from the broom on the floor this has been quite a messy process. To keep it under control I have tidied each afternoon as the Littles are having dinner. I like a fresh start otherwise I feel frustrated and take it out on the project. I have really enjoyed making this and without such a strict deadline would’ve loved it even more. I strongly strongly urge you to give it a go, even if you have only a basic sewing skill. Its time consuming and painstakingly detailed but not difficult.

The final step is to pin each side together beginning with the roof and carefully sew. I will guide you through it tomorrow, but for now here is a sneak peek!

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