Playhouse part seven: Infinito! (or sewing the playhouse together!)

Tonight will be the first night Lady Moss hasn’t had to work on the playhouse while the littles are in bed. I can sit down with a glass of wine and twist and jive the crochet hook in peace!

Today I completed the last stage of the project, sewing the entire playhouse together. I found very little of use on the internet about this and so took extra pics to help you!

Drape the roof over the table facedown. Pin the sides to it and each other right sides facing, matching the corners well. At this stage I gave myself a pretty huge pat on the back for being so pedantic with measuring and slicing at the beginning of this monumental project. Each side was the perfect length and matched up perfectly which doesn’t happen to me often I can assure you!

I had read to sew the sides to the roof first but as I went to do this I had real trouble making it all sit nicely. After working so hard, the last thing I wanted was a shoddy sew together. So take my advice and sew the sides first in the same way I have done.

Don’t be daunted by the pile of fabric in your lap! If you used plenty of pins you will be easily guided.

Starting from one corner. Pinch the roof together and insert into the matching corners as shown

Select your width guide on your machine and stick to it. I sewed a half inch allowance. Backstitch several times for strength then carefully and slowly sew the entire side together. Backstitch several times again at the ends for strength.

Once all four sides are sewn, move onto joining the roof to the sides. You will have a very neat edge to work from and find it a matter of simply following your half inch seam allowance.

Carefully turn it inside out and your are finished. Finally!!!

Introducing the Little Yellow Cottage on Rainbow Lane.

Where the mail always gets delivered on time!

And the flowers smell divine.

The tea is only made with leaves!

And the birds sing ever sweet! Come and play with us soon!

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  1. wow, this is totally awesome! oh dear, i can feel the urge to make one!

  2. Lady Moss

     /  August 8, 2012

    I loOoooved making it, would be an awesome Christmas gift for Miss Ivy 🙂


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