Any excuse to decorate!

We love the chance to refresh Rainbow Lane for just about any occasion and Easter is one of those very special times of year.

For me its the last opportunity to celebrate the sunshine and blue skies before this side of the world goes into its hibernation. We open our doors and windows and spread colour from one end of the house to the other. As the rest of the world is welcoming spring and summer, we are saying so long, its been wonderful and we’ll see each other again soon.

Yesterday we made Salt Dough Eggs to spread a little (budget) rainbow cheer! Just four ingrediants and little willing hands neccessary for this one.

Mix well:

1 part fine cooking salt

2 parts plain flour

Before adding water a little at a time to make a dough. If the mixture becomes too wet just add a little more flour, you want it just drier than playdoh for the best results. Our first batch of pink was a little too wet and sank onto the baking tray and so our eggs were a little flat.

I mix a drop of food colouring into my water which prevents hands from getting dyed in the kneading process.

Create any shapes you like, this is a fantastic project for any time of year and so easy to clean up. Just wait until any dropped bits dry and vacumn up!

Cook in a 120 degree celcius oven until hard. They take awhile to cool down so please take care with little hands when testing.

They look quite professional when displayed together and cost Lady Moss not a cent. They don’t taste so great according to Ari though which she feels is a dreadful shame….

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  1. you are one very clever lady ..never cease to amaze me with your beautiful creativity!!


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