Sewing Adventures with Lady Moss World’s Wonkiest Wigwam

BYO Martini. Dirty.

As you will soon learn I’m a bit of a fan of The Crafty Minx aka Kelly Doust. In fact when I met her at a friends birthday I went a bit gaga and babbled. A lot. She made a hasty exit with a polite excuse about needing pizza. We were in The Cross and it was only 9pm she clearly wasn’t ready for Kings Cross Pizza it was definitely me. Nobody eats that stuff until at least 2am But there. I’m babbling. Again.

So I attempted her teepee out of The  Crafty Minx and it was pretty easy, even for me – a seriously self taught sewer. Just make friends with someone with a cutting board and slicer and the jobs even easier. When the bought versions are over $200 and in some oh I can hardly stand to remember ghastly fabrics I say give it a go. I just popped into Spotlight and chose some cute fabrics all around $6 a metre and I don’t mind it at all.

We like to fill ours with cushions, books, puzzles, our Amelies Room picnic blanket, maybe a few cupcakes and a glass of wine for mummy.


slightly wonkey but totally special


A place of her own









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