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Its Mossy & my ninth wedding anniversary today and woopsy daisy we both forgot. This has never happened to either of us before but in our defense life has just been that extra bit crazy lately. Lucky we had something a little extra special up our sleeves, just waiting for the right moment (thank God because really what female forgets their anniversary!!)

We’ve lived together in Sydney for the past ten years and have pretty much tried every suburb within a 5km radius of the city including a year in The Rocks when we lived in one of the first terraces ever built.  It wasn’t until we moved to Balmain that we felt truly home. Once we got that silly urge for a tree change out of our system and moved back here we knew that this was it, this was the place we would set down roots for the rest of our lives.

Count forward nine months to midday on a forgotten wedding anniversary and there was only one way to salvage the day. We had an engraved padlock sitting in our cupboard waiting for the perfect moment to be locked onto the fence at Ballast Point Park overlooking The Bridge.

The park has been recently reopened after its redesign from previous use as an industrial site to become a peaceful, symbolic harbourside space. Perfect for lazy Sunday picnics, there is a tranquility not found in many inner city parks which I think comes from its height over the harbour and its use of art and poetry. Its monumental structures Tank 101 and Delicate Balance both have a patina of age and stillness that belie their short existence. They rest against the sky like a modern day Stonehenge.

"Statues Of Ancient Waves"


Mossy and I discovered the Lovers Wall when the park was still heavily under construction and we were on a bit of a cheeky hunt through the fencing before we were responsible parents . We always planned to come back with our own padlock to lock to the fence before throwing the key into the harbor.

I want it right there, that exact spot


Theres no place like home

So here we are together with The Littles on a perfectly sunny, stunning day celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary. I can honestly say that our love this year has been stronger than any other and if forgetting the date is a sign then I’d be happy to every year.

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