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Lady Moss is a little felt obsessed at the moment, just in case you couldn’t tell and happened upon a gorgeous little “hat-ette” tutorial on deliacreates. Perfect for the lunchtime nap crafter, this little project will take no longer than an hour to whip up a couple of these fancies. We made one for Ari, two for a pair of special little ladies and a spare for the gift cupboard.

To create the perfect bloom hat-ette, all you will require is a hot glue gun (hence the title), some felt offcuts and a little cardboard. You could attach your hat-ettes using ribbon, elastic, a hairclip or simply sew onto a little baby singlet.

I just adore using remnants from my rag bag and this project used up a bunch of bits left over from the playhouse that seemed too tiny to hang onto at the time though ferret them away we did.

You will need to trace a circle onto cardboard to your preferred size. I used a small glass for the childrens flowers and a large cup for an Autumn version pour moi. Cut one circle per bloom, one piece of slightly larger felt and one slightly smaller.

Cut a petal template from the cardboard and trace it onto the felt pieces. I layer my felt by three and cut, less work, more petals you see. You will need enough petals to sit neatly around your flower piece.

Using the hot glue gun carefully dab a little glue and pinch one end of the petal together. Cover the cardboard with the larger piece of felt and glue down, slightly pleating as you go to create a neat finish. At this stage you could stick some elastic or ribbon before gluing down the smaller piece of felt.

Turn the flower center over and glue the petals facedown. This will create height and definition.

Do the exact same thing again with a different colour felt, only this time glue the petals with the pinch facing upwards.

If you have enough room you might like to add another layer of coloured felt. A colour wash would look amazing! I didn’t and so I moved onto the stamin.

Cut a length of felt about an inch thick. Carefully cut little strips along it, making sure to not go all the way to the end.

Wind the felt tightly and glue every inch or so to hold it in place. Once you feel its the right size snip off the end and fluff out the felt!

Glue the stamin into the middle of your flower and tidy up any excess glue bits. If you are making these for young children please make sure all pieces especially the stamin are glued firmly in place.

et voila!

I must admit, I’m quite in love with these at the moment and made a sneaky one for myself to wear to any Autumn events Lady Moss may be invited to this season. Perfect for the races with a neat chignon don’t you agree?

Note: Please be extra careful with the hot glue gun, they are super hot. I turn mine off and on quite regularily as I’m working just to let it cool a little. One doesn’t want to lose skin now do they?

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