Got twenty minutes?

Its no secret Lady Moss is felt crazy. Add bunting into the mix and you have a mama who is quite happy to let The King eat playdoh just so she can get some sewing peace.

Lately we’ve been thinking that Ari’s bedroom just doesn’t have the pizazz of The Boy King. This morning Lady Moss set to work rectifying it. With more bunting. Naturally.

This little project is a snap and won’t take more than twenty minutes, or enough time for your toddler to consume one tub of playdoh.

You will need some felt, grograin ribbon, matching thread if you happened to purchase thirty vintage spools from ebay recently, invisible or plain white if not.

Measure the space you want to hang your bunting from and cut a piece of ribbon, giving yourself an extra 30cm for hanging. Cut enough triangles to sit along the ribbon. I jadore my pinking shears and pull them out whenever the occasion calls, today not withstanding. Best to cut a straight edge along the top of your triangles however for ease of sewing.

Slip your matching thread onto your machine, you could wind the bobbin with it as well should you like to see both sides of your bunting and have it all matchy matchy. We won’t admit to having done the same.

Slide the ribbon, another 15cm length of ribbon and your first triange under the machine foot. Backstitch all in place and proceed to sew each triangle onto the ribbon one after the other.

Place a pin in your ribbon where you would like it to end, making sure you have at least 15cm spare to hang. This will be a guide to prevent you sewing on too many triangles. Once you reach the last one, slip another 15cm piece under the foot, backstitch and you are finished.

This is a really lovely project for children as they can easily assist to cut out the triangles, choose their colours (clearly not in this house) and perhaps help to sew or learn to thread the machine at the very least. My earliest memories are of arriving home after school and seeing little handmade presents laying on my bed and so I chose to hang this for my Ari to discover after kindy this afternoon.

Note: This bunting is so easy to make, no heming which we love and can be done in any size you like. They look fabulous tied to long skewers and inserted into a birthday cake as extra decoration and we have even used it to adorn our blackboard. Any opportunity to use bunting is a happy day in Rainbow Lane really……….

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