I shall call him Little Blackie

When we made our big move to the country I had visions of little black faced lambs running around the place, eating from our hand and sitting with the Littles in the shade having cuddles.

Thank goodness Mossy had the forsight not to indulge me on this one and my fancies were unfounded. Although I still adore these creatures and could quite happily have one in our city garden. One day…….

Until then I have had this little craft project bookmarked for quite some time. You can find the free pattern from The Purl Bee here http://www.purlbee.com/little-lamb-pillows/ one of my favourite craft blogs.

It seems Lady Moss can’t go a day without creating something new just now. I have two crochet projects on the go, plans for another and the need to cut and sew constantly! This is perfectly satisfying, completed in about twenty minutes.

All you need is the paper pattern, felt pieces in caramels, beige, brown or black your choice. Note that you need about 18 inches for the body pieces as the pattern is stuck together before cutting. Your black / brown bits can be cut from offcuts. I also used invisible thread for this rather than rethreading the machine.

Lay out your pattern and cut the felt. You will need two body pieces, two ears, two faces and four legs. Strange lamb that.

I like to sew my face together, this is an extra step that wasn’t in the Purl Bee tutorial but I think it finishes it nicely.

Pin your pieces in place and sew around the body. Start just behind one leg, go all the way around and finish just past the next leg. Backstitch in both places, leaving an opening to stuff your sheep with polyfil (not rosemary and garlic please).

Once your little guy is nicely plump, pin and sew the opening closed.

To complete him, you just need to pinch each ear together, sew and tack onto the sheep using black thread.

I am so thrilled with this project. Superbly simple and quick to make, I intend to make these for beloved newborns who grace the world. Next time I would use pure wool felt and fill to create the softest pillow for their little heads to rest upon which you can get easily from Etsy and Winterwood Craft Supplies instead of the woolblend. Other than that I wouldn’t change a thing, he is just divine don’t you think?


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