Queen of Hearts part two

With only ten months to go until Ari’s 5th birthday party the pressure is on. Clearly planning starts early around here and as this will be her first school year its make or break time as we implant ourselves firmly in the social stratosphere of the primary school mums club. In other words, its going to be big. I’m also kind of bored and so decided to get started.

Without divulging the theme too early on, I have been working on goody bag treats, and today it was little heart charm bracelets for the more girly guests. I haven’t played with fimo since my own school days and it was high time to get back into the fun of creating a figurine and watching it harden up in the oven.

Starting with something simple I used the red clay to make sweet little heart shapes. Just roll into a ball shape, flatten slightly and use a skewer to indent the top before pinching the bottom into a point.

I used a skewer again to poke through the sides and place the shapes onto an oven tray lined with wax paper.

Preheat the oven to 130 degrees and bake your bits for about 13-15 minutes. Leave them to cool before handling they are hot!

Thread leather and use a double slipknot to adjust your bracelet, instructions for this are easily found on youtube, isn’t everything?

I also made small round discs and indented the Little’s finger prints before threading onto coloured string. Perfect presents for adoring grandparents, aunts and uncles really….

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