Making plans

Its funny how you can go from having a dollar in your old wallet with the seams fraying (damn I loved it though) to ordering your dream bag from Net-a-Porter and waiting while they get the correct shade of tan just for you.

This is how the past three years have been for us in Rainbow Lane. Feast or famine. Oh how much understanding I have gained of those two little words.

Throughout this, no matter what we have lost and gained, neither Mossy or I have lost our humility or the habit of giving away the last five bucks we have. Even when times have been so lean I’ve often thought of those coins longingly. But never have I regretted the giving of them.

And finally this week we have cause to celebrate. The seed sown three very long, hard years ago has ripened and born us juicy and longlasting fruit. The change in us is less perceptible however. No heaving magnums of French Champagne or flashy spending, just a quiet smile of relief to each other whenever we pass, the soft, loving pat on the arm as we go about our duties raising two children in the shadow of this ambitious undertaking set by Mossy long before he even dreamed it.

Heres to you my darling.

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