Your heart’s a mess.

I just heard the most vile, cruel comment, that even 24 hours later makes my blood boil and my toes squirm like some witch from a play.

This wasn’t even a backwards compliment the “oh she has a lovely face, she’d be gorgeous if she lost some weight”. Nope it was even worse. A total shocker.

It doesn’t matter that it was ridiculous in the extreme and beyond untrue, the damage has been done no matter how many friends come to the rescue.

Thats the thing about these throwaway comments. Those women who “say it like it is no matter what anyone thinks, its for their own good!”. You may not care or even remember you said it half an hour later but I can guarantee you that someone is lying in the dark, eyes up to the ceiling going over and over it in their head. And trust me, their best Lady is lying there too, stomach in turmoil hurting for their girl. My poor beautiful girl.

As for the lowly creature who dared the insult. I hope your acrylic nails shrivel up, get infected and give you gangrene.

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