All wrapped up in love

There is a reason I’ve been so neglectful of you dear readers.

Lady Moss is a working girl once more. If two days a week really counts these days? To be honest its all the time away from each other The King and I can really stand. Ari’s fine, she always is but my wee man is struggling as I always knew he would when the time came to extricate him from my calves that he sees as a daily resting post.

I feel like I have hit on a good balance – that may just work for all of us. Just enough time for a little brain action, (Lady Moss is not just a pretty face you know) as well as quality time spent with Mossy come Friday night lights. Meanwhile The King is enjoying getting out and about with little people his size, not just his sister who he worships and would quite happily I think, spend the rest of his life fetching and carrying for.

At the same time Lady Moss has made a concerted effort to keep up with the craft one has become accustomed to, the haute cuisine inspired dinners Mossy has come to expect. Hmmm. Just trying to keep it all together and tied with a pretty bow I am.

So this week I sent my babies to kindy wrapped up in the closest thing I had to mamas love. The softest, most warmest flannelette scarves imaginable. A cinch to make and at a cost of $1.50 each, they are happiness made real.

Raid your local fabric store for a striking print of flannelette. You will need about 1.5 m by 20cm which should cost you no more than $2 tops. Seriously tops. A little trim goes a long way, especially if you are like me and just can’t help yourself.

Make sure your fabric is fairly straight around the edges and you are good to go. Fold in half down the long side, right sides facing and sew around the open edges using a 1/4in seam. Leave a small gap to turn right side out. Press the scarf flat.

Add a little trim here if you like, I used mini pom poms and top stitch around the entire scarf, ensuring you close the open seam. Make one for all the Littles in your life, because sure enough, once they see how warm and snuggly these are they will all want one.

As warm as a mamas hug and every bit as nice.

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