Every cloud….

I have a little obsession with clouds and have began seeing them everywhere from baby mobiles to cushions.

Whenever my brothers or I used to be in a foul mood, my dad used to come up behind us and shout “thundercloud!” the other siblings would quickly take up the chant and before too long we would be trying not to laugh, bad mood gone for another day.

On one of those fairly regular tanty days that comes from living in a house with a “highly strung” 20 month old, Lady Moss decided to whip up a friendly cloud or two for no other reason but to make The King smile.

This is a super easy project with gorgeous results. I used some leftover fabric from the teepee and bunting I made for my little mans room, it never hurts to keep your scraps people!

I didn’t take many photos as I was bordering on madness that particular day but it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Draw yourself a template on tracing paper, cut out and pin to your fabric. Cut out two pieces and pin together right sides facing. Using a 1/4in seam, sew around the entire shape, leaving a small opening to turn out your work. Stuff your clouds with puffy white fibre fill and using a ladder stitch, hand sew the opening closed.

Oh happy day….


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