Kids at the House!

The Sydney Opera House is one of our favourite haunts and we always make an effort to spend at least one day of the school holidays enjoying their storytelling and performance programs.

We like to start our day on a sugar high, who doesn’t? A stop in at Pancakes on the Rocks for their butterfly creations, gilded in chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Afforded a chance for peace and quiet while The Littles tried out their new toys roll. And as much as one hates to brag, there was more than a few mummy’s gazing in envy at our quiet, content people……

There is always a loose theme to go with the show schedule and this term it was all just a bunch of stuff and nonsense. Literally.

Ari got caught up in the action, crafting a mass of bizarre creatures before venturing into the unknown of performance storytelling to which she excelled. Surprised?

The highlight for me is always the reaction from the older tour groups who most definitely had no idea on their coach-ride into town that they would be over taken by a marauding herd of screaming buffalo’s on their way to the stinking, steaming waterhole of their own making.

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