A little felt monster for a little human monster….

I love the idea of The Littles making gifts for each other, raiding my craft stash and letting their imaginations run wild out of love for their sibling. Over coffee this morning, Ari and I “brainstormed” and came up with several brilliant designs before settling on a snuggly monster made of felt for our favourite little man.

Not really expecting her to keep focused for the entire task, I valiantly set out pattern paper and pens and provided her with the materials to design the creature. She set to with gusto drawing, while I cut out a more manageable shape for us to work with. She chose the colours and facial features, stressing the need for blood and googly eyes thanks mum.

Of course our little monster was going to be lonely without a friend so we simply had to make two.

Using my never ending pile of scraps we cut out eyes, gaping mouth, teeth and bloody gums. The King’s monster was a bad dude who never brushes his teeth and so he got yellow stumps, while Ari’s being a decent sort of fellow had a mouth full of shining white. Pity she wouldn’t let me to make fangs. No such thing as artistic license when working with a child….

There are so many ways little ones can help with this project. Ari helped with the cutting and pinning, even a little bit of hot glue gunning with mama carefully assisting.

I gave her the choice of hand stitching or using the machine which of course she wanted, as I let her thread the machine and press the foot down. We carefully stitched around the entire body, leaving a hole in the head for stuffing to which she took immense pleasure.

Sew the opening closed and proceed to snuggle!

I’m so proud of my girl and her creation. Not having the longest attention span, I did not expect her to stay by my side the entire time, helping with every step. She was so excited to wrap her gift along with the original drawing she did of its design. I cannot wait to see her present it on birthday morning, a gift she made her own self.

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  1. What a great monster. It looks like you both had a lot of fun making him!

  2. Lady Moss

     /  August 2, 2012

    It was fun! He’s a very loved little guy that’s for sure!

  3. brenda

     /  August 2, 2012

    gorgeous! my daughter too loves to help create and watch patiently as i sew up items for her on the sewing machine! such a bond that is crafting xx

    • Lady Moss

       /  August 2, 2012

      Isn’t it! It makes me feel like I’ve done something really special when it’s just a few bits of felt. Shes taken him everywhere and insists on sleeping with him every night. Makes me feel great :).


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