Chocolate, churros and ice-cream oh my!

When The King’s kindy teacher told me how much they love their little gentle, sharing boy I admit I was pleasantly surprised. Gentle, I knew but sharing? My main man is one little kid who doesn’t like to share anything, especially his mama.

And so when the Aroma Festival in The Rocks rolled around again last Sunday I made a snap decision to save him from a day glued to the pram and leave him at home with Mossy while Ari and I treated ourselves to a big girls day out. The King isn’t a fan of crowds at the best of times and this turned out to be the Best. Decision. Ever.

It was so lovely to have time alone with my girl and I’m sure she appreciated uninterrupted snuggles without being pushed off what The King considers to be his primary possession. My lap. We waited for the ferry, dangling our feet over the wharf together without any worry of my eyes being diverted for a second. We took the outside seats for a change, watching as the water spray left diamonds in our path under the bridge. I just knew without a doubt it was going to be a magic day.

Mossy and I went to the first ever Aroma Festival and have gone each year since. Its grown from a few stall holders selling hot cups of artisan coffee on a cold midwinter’s day to the finest blends, sweets and fare on offer from each of the themed locations spread around The Rocks.

We indulged in fresh made Churros smothered in molten chocolate in the Latin Quarter before hitching a ride on a camel over in the Middle East, well Middle Harbour really. There were macaroons in Paris on the grounds of Cadman’s Cottage, whipped ice cream Sundays (on Sunday no less) at the Gelataria. And all of this in one tiny little girl’s mouth.

It was a day of yes. And yes and yes and yes. We did it all and ate it all, it was indeed magical. We hunted for the old puppet store that sadly no longer resides in the little dark sandstone fort, we examined piles of old photographs taken back when the roads were little more than dust. And all the while we talked of this and that and all those things that rumble around that funny, sweet head of hers.

She will tell you the best part was the camel followed by ice cream, but for mama? Can only be at the end when, both sated with sweets we sat awaiting our ferry call with her wrapped in a blankie, cuddled in my arms, soft cheek resting against mine, eyelashes gently drawing to a close as she drifted in and out………….in and out……

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  1. Mum

     /  August 2, 2012

    Oh, my beautiful girls…always my tears of pleasure run so close to thr surface when I lose myself here xxx


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