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Not being the sportiest of people, I know, shocking but there it is. Lady Moss has found herself crafting more and more at night, rather than wasting time trying to find something decent to watch on the idiot box (my dads term for the telly, which has always seemed perfectly apt to me).

We are quite pleased with ourselves actually as this is how I envisioned spending the winter season, holed up at my sewing table, working away at various projects and decorations for the up and coming gift season.

Would you like a sneak peek?

There is a new purse for Spring Racing Season………

We are making an early start on our Halloween decorations, although Lady Moss regretfully popped these little beauties into the storage basket to wait for the week before…..

Too cute to be scary!

Costumes are completed, The Little’s will be revealed closer to the time!

Happy face or sad face?

A bunch of early Christmas pressies, wrapped and stored away in the gift basket!

And a few more started on………

Its been a lovely way to spend a cosy evening snuggled in Rainbow Lane.

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  1. You are so darn organised! Love the felt gifts, great idea! might steal that one 🙂

    • Lady Moss

       /  August 7, 2012

      Well seeing as I got the inspiration for the felt cookies from you ;)!


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