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Spring cleaning my sewing / craft table in readiness for the Christmas gift making rush, I couldn’t help but notice that I have amassed a pretty impressive cupboard of supplies.

Crafting away for a year or two and slowly building up bits and pieces as we go, one can start a project at night and have to hand the necessary items, which is lovely when you have a short attention span and zero patience level for waiting for morning shopping trips.

For new friends starting off on their own little crafting journey here is a list of my favourite must haves that I use all the time and cannot do without.

Janome 1008 Sewing Machine. I j’adore my machine. My parents bought it for me for Christmas three years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Totally a self taught sewer, this little beauty has not put a foot wrong. I can get myself unstuck following its manual and it does everything I need it to do. And probably then some but we will keep learning together.

Oversized black, white and clear threads, I use Gutterman. Too many times I have run out at 10pm and lost all desire to complete the project. Now I keep extra to hand just in case.

Felt. The beginner crafters dream. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Its bright, fun and so easy to make anything really. Last minute gifts, extravagant playhouses, party bunting and all in between. Ari’s most used saying around Rainbow Lane these days is “mummy lets get out the felt and make something!” How can one help but feel like they are getting it right when we hear that?

I use woolblend felt which I find gets a little fuzzy but not as bad as the full acrylic, price wise its hard to beat, especially for playhouses which are big and need loads of the stuff! For extra special baby presents I use pure wool which you can get easily from B&M Felt which is an Australian online store yay!

Pinking Shears. We spent quite a bit on ours and have always been glad. They are on high rotation and have such a nice hefty weight in the hand. Great for cutting a bit of fabric into a heart shape and creating the quickest gift tags, they just add a bit of pizazz to a finished project and quite often eliminate the need for hemming. Bonus.

Spotlight Sale Table. We always have a good hunt around here because, as we all know what from afar may look like a dogs breakfast, up close can hold some wonderful surprises. Many of the aprons Lady Moss hands out started their lives as a bolt of garden liberty hidden underneath last years Christmas prints and at $2 a metre it pays to buy extra and store it away for mini circle skirts when spring sunshine breaks out of hiding.

Velcro, bias tape, rickrack and pom pom trims are nice to have in abundance, as are vintage threads picked up on eBay fairly cheaply. Once they have been used, the wooden spools display beautifully.

A few bags of polyfil for last minute toys and a bit of organic wadding to also have in the cupboard for mini dolls quilts.

For days when the sewing machine is having a temper tantrum, we turn to the chalkboard paint or lime wash that reside quietly waiting to be splashed over old chairs, market scored photo frames and anything else we can transform on a whim.

There is always room for extra bits and bobs, a new and improved pair of sewing scissors would be a lovely present under the tree this year but we are always happy to wait, buy the best we can afford and enjoy it all the more!

Happy sewing new friends and old!


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  1. Great list and I love that you’re thinking ahead to Christmas. It’s crossed my mind a couple of times this month. If you don’t start now it gets out of control.

  2. Lady Moss

     /  August 21, 2012

    I agree, it takes all the fun out of the season running around stressing about gifts! I’m determined to be ready early it’s the only way X

  3. Hi… It was really lovely to meet you last week at the abcd meet up 🙂
    Great list… I really need to get my supplies cupboards sorted out and organised… it’s a shambles at the moment! I feel inspired to get organised now 🙂

  4. Love the list! You sound so organised compared to me! I have an abundance of things I don’t need and often run out of essentials…I think it comes down to my cramped and crowded storage area. Need. to. sort. that. out.

    • Lady Moss

       /  August 31, 2012

      Baha if you think I’m organised now you should see me when I’m pregnant and nesting. It’s scary :)!


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